Nose job question!!!!

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  1. Hey guys! Im 16 years old and to be honest, my nose is not hidious. Its OK and I am categorized as a "beautiful girl" BUT I dont like the little hump on my nose. I also dislike my nose because its "too" pointy. I ADORE my nostrils. I also love the sides of my nose. its the perfect size.

    so the tip of my nose(the point) is a little crooked and pointy. to me its disturbing.

    Well the thing is that IM TERRIFIED that my nose will be worse than it is now and Im so afraid to regret it. Because nobody wants me to do it and they say Im beautiful so Im very very very scared to get it done.

    when I lift my nose with my finger just a little, I believe its better.

    I just dont understand how celebrities such as megan fox has amazing nose jobs and ordinary people might have barbie nose jobs or bad nose jobs. Do they care more about the celebrities?

    anyways will my nose be good? what do you think? I live in turkey so there arent many great doctors here I guess.
    I want to know if my nostrills will change if they cut the pointy part off a little.
    I will post pictures if you want and you'll see what I want and mean.

  2. My honest advice... give your face a little time to mature and change. My nose looks completely different than it did when I was a teenager!
  3. I'm with Claire, I have a large mouth (think Julia Roberts) and I felt like it took FOREVER for me to grow into it but now my lips and teeth are about my favorite features!

    Sometimes it just takes time to grow into your features and if they still bother you when you are a few years older and have given your face a chance to grow into your nose, do it then!
  4. I absolutely agree with claireZk. Your features are still growing and changing and will continue to do so afterward, so even if you got surgery now and were pleased, you might notice changes you don't like.

    The difference isn't that the same surgeon does a better job for celebs than their average patient, it's that celebs (and people in the know) very carefully research their surgeon for outcomes and are very explicit with what their goals are for surgery. Unless you are 100% confident in the skill of your surgeon, you should strongly reconsider what will be a permanent change in your appearance.
  5. Wait until you are 20.. your face is still young..
  6. I didnt say I will have surgery right away. I will have it probably when im 18.
  7. 18 is still pretty young. My face has changed sooo much (for the better) in my 20's. When I was a teenager my face was a lot chubbier and my features all looked bigger and more awkward. When I hit maybe 25 my face got a lot thinner, my nose started looking smaller, everything just looks like it fits better now than it did 10 years ago when I was 18. Just saying....
  8. I had a nose job this past August and it was the best decision I have ever made (I'm 25). I am EXTREMELY happy with my results. Like you, I had a bump on my nose ( it's called a dorsal hump) and I had it shaved down to improve my profile. That was all my doctor did though, he didn't touch the tip. I think it's important that you do a lot of research and find an excellent doctor and don't just settle. I agree with the other posters that your features may change as you get older, so there's no harm in waiting a few years! :smile:
  9. the difference between the celebs results and "regular people" results is the doctor. the celebs pay top dollar to go to the best of the best doctors. i think if you wait until your 18 and can afford a great doctor, you should go for it!
  10. Look into "injection nose jobs". They are using temporary restylane (or similar filler) to see how a nose job would look, it lasts 4-6 months. I'm doing it myself in a month. A few celebs have amazing plastic surgery, but way more celebrities have disastrous/noticeable ones. Be very cautious with your face and body.
  12. YOur face is going to change SO much over the next 10 years. Also, your tastes are going to change DRAMATICALLY. The nose that appeals to you at 16 will be a far cry from the one you will want when you are 26.

    It sounds like you just want tip work done -- but that is even more crucial for you to wait until you are older. At 16 the sking on your nose is much thicker than at 26. You could get the tip cartilage smoothed out now, only for your skin to thin and everything will show through worse later.

    Speaking as someone who waited until I was 31 to get my rhinoplasty -- wait. Rhinoplasties are one of the surgeries with the highest levels of dissatisfaction anyway -- so you might as well set yourself up for success instead of setting yourself up for multiple procedures and still be unhappy with the results.
  13. My advice: stop worrying. Try to put it back in your mind until you're 18.

    When I was in high school, I had a some procedures I wanted done when I turned 18. I went so far as to call a local bank and ask about personal loan rates. I did have a slightly awkward phase, and poor self-confidence/normal teenage girl neuroticism came into play as well.
    My mom always told me "you'll feel differently when you're older" and you know what - I'm 20 years old right now and I am so grateful I didn't get anything done. I "grew" into my face, just as I'm sure you'll grow into your nose.
  14. I'm 20 and considering a nose job too, I think you should wait until you are at least 19/20 , like everyone else said, you change so much in your teen years.
  15. I definitley agree that you should wait. When I was younger, I insisted that there was something wrong with my nose and always complained about it. When I went to college, I matured and lost my baby fat, and when I went home for Thanksgiving during my 1st semester, my father accused me of having a nose job...even though I didn't.

    It sounds like you have a cute nose anyway. :flowers: