Nose job - Korean v Western surgeons?

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  1. I live in Europe and was thinking of getting a nose job from a surgeon here. I am mixed Asian and German, so my nose is wide like Asian noses but also prominent with a slight bump (Idk if that makes sense?). Like hers on the left before she fixed it:

    I am not sure whether to go to a Korean or Western surgeon (I am going to a Korean surgeon first for face contouring anyway). I want something smaller and slightly upturned but not too much like I see a lot of clinics like Regen do.

    Is there a particular "style" of nose Korean surgeons tend to do (like the V line for face shape)? Some of the ones they do seem odd shaped :S
  2. Different surgeons have different styles. But there is a profound difference in ideology and surgical technique between Korean and Western surgeons. I've done rhino in Thailand, La and Korea before and the technique varies. In terms of ideology the western surgeons tend to be rather against using silicone and artificial forms whereas the korean surgeons favour it. Western surgeons will often suggest that autologous grafts look more natural and aesthetically pleasing while korean surgeons will argue otherwise.

    Anyways the thing is, it depends if your nasal structure is innately more western or asian. That is, is your nose wide predominantly because of fatty tissue OR because of excess cartilage. If it is the latter a western trained rhino specialist would be more ideal because osteo type procedures is far more common amongst caucasians and thus, western surgeons would do more of such cases verses dealing with the bulbous asian tissue. Always go with the surgeon who has the most experience in the technique you require.

    Also with style as we call it, every surgeon tends to use a surgical technique which yields a particular nose type but that again varies because the nose can only be manipulated to the extent which the preexisting structure will allow
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    Putting in a silicon is quicker work for the surgeon than using cartilage or rib, and requires more expertise, just as a closed rhinoplasty is more difficult to do than an open rhinoplasty. Nowadays not many surgeons do a closed rhino. Closed rhino does not leave scars outside the nose and faster to heal too. Maybe because there is less damage done to the nose. As you know, once you do a rhino, your nose is not the same eg. like runny nose easily. Even when you remove the implant, your nose is still not the same as before surgery.

    I live in Europe too.
  4. I live in Europe too! Have you found any European doctors you would like to visit for rhino? ;)
  5. Hi! :smile: There is someone called Bart van der Van (?) I was thinking of seeing but I read a review on this board which said that he messed up their surgery so he is off my list. I was thinking of seeing him for facial contouring (instead of a Korean doctor) too but definitely not any more.

    Some in London seem good:

    I also heard gives good doctor reviews (like this board for Korean clinics :lol:)
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  6. I definitely don't want an artificial look. Like Qiu Qiu after surgery. She is a really pretty girl and the upturned nose is cute, but a little too obvious for me ^^

    I have thick skin which looks bad/too wide when I smile, but the general width is definitely due to bones (my mum also has a wide nose). I was thinking osteotomy?

    I'm not sure if I just want to make it less wide and remove the bump or try to make it upturned (I think looks great). Problem is like you say how much does it suit the face (Megan Fox for example is gorgeous, but she had a nose like mine is with a bump and now it's upturned, which looks plastic IMHO)

    Do they have to put in silicon? My nose has thick skin which I inherited from Asian dad, but not flat, it has a small bump actually so no enhancement needed. I might want to make it upturned but not if it looks un natural.
  7. I think if ure width is due to cartilage, best to go with a western surgeon. The West has more expertise and advanced techniques with osteo procedures because its far more common with the caucasian anatomy. Asians tend to when requiring osteo, need only a bit of mild shaving for minor hump correction.
  8. Thank you so much for this info! I have the latter type of nose, so now you have me reconsidering whether I find a doctor here or in Seoul.
  9. Yeah I wish I had an Asian nose actually, they never have prominent noses due to bone which I do slightly :smile:

    I don't think I want to go to America for plastic surgery though.. I will look here in Europe for my nose

    Good luck!
  10. I'm curious, so which country in Europe is like the surgical junkie capital? As in like, North America the US dominates. South America its clearly Brazil and Asia its Thailand and Korea. Where is it in Eu?
  11. I don't know sorry.. I have heard Harley Street in London in the UK is like Gangnam for Korea. Definitely I think it is less common in Europe, or at least women here go over to America to get theirs done because plastic surgery is not as "acceptable". When looking for places to get jaw surgery done here, the only nearby place I could find was in Belgium (Dr Bart van der Van - someone posted on here that he messed up their surgery a week ago).
  12. There is no such place in Europe, because as JessicaCorbyn said plastic surgeries aren't acceptable. However, I think Belgium is becoming more popular, because there are good specialists and reasonable prices (from what I've heard).
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    French women want to grow old gracefully so ps for face or body is not popular. They know how to appreciate what they have. Why do you think other nationalities admire the French? They have style and they do not want to look like cutesy babies or girls that you see posted on the sites of ps clinics. French women want to look like real women so even boob jobs are not popular. They know how to embrace themselves, that is why they are so confident of themselves. Despite Paris being a fashion capital, French women don't even need branded handbags to boost their ego.
  14. lol Bong Qiu Qiu is a friend of my cousin. She's not that bad or artificial looking in person, though I agree with the slight sagging cheeks. I think she looks better post-op though. I actually think Dawn Yang has that drastic look on her instead.
  15. I think her cheeks look OK, but I'm from Germany where round cheeks and baby face are considered unattractive, haha. It was the upturned nose I'm not sure about but it could just be a bad photo. I didn't know who Dawn Yang is but I think she's really pretty, like Angelababy. Why do you think she looks drastic, is it the sharp face? :smile: