Nose job in Vietnam


Dec 8, 2019
Heh guys! I made a thread a few months back about getting a nose job in Korea but decided to research more and Vietnam popped in my mind. My mom told me that Vietnam does a really good job with nose jobs but I haven’t done they much research yet and was wondering if anybody know? I can ask my mom to ask her friends as well but thought I reach out here!
I only know of two hospitals in Vietnam so far and it’s BỆNH VIỆN THẨM MỸ HÀN QUỐC and Vivian Vien Tham My
here's a review I found of someone that got it done at Vivian
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Aug 9, 2020
Hello, I also did the nose surgery(Rhinoplasty) but not in Vietnam, I Did it here in Bangkok, Thailand. I can recommend you, my surgeon, his name is " Dr.Chakarin Suchakaro" if you want you can search his website as I did before and also with their Instagram so you can find all his nose job cases. I hope this can help you!:heart::wave:
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Mar 10, 2021
Hey I’m also interested to go Vietnam for a nose job! I’m from Singapore! Where u from? :smile: How’s ur research so far? And did your mom help you to get in touch with her friends?