Nose is always red

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  1. I am in my mid twenties and for some reason my nose is always red. I have really fair skin and I'm fine with that but my cheeks and nose are always beet red. I think the cheeks are probably because I'm part Irish and my Mom has the same thing. But what's with the red nose? It looks like I have a constant sunburn! I am fraid people are going to think I'm an alocholic or something (I've heard they have red noses).

    On top of it being just bright red, I have a few broken blood vessels and sun looking damage I guess from when I was a kid.

    Any suggestions about how to get it to stop being red? I cover it with makeup sometimes but it looks awful because it is kind of bumpy with blackheads and just rough skin in general.
  2. I would see a good dermatologist.Do u have allergies to anything?My nose is NON stop red when im around an allergen
  3. I see a dermatologist pretty frequently for other things and she thinks nothing of it. It isn't rosacea, it is just pinkish... not really red I guess. It looks nothing like rosacea.
  4. It sounds like rosacea, but could be something more serious, like lupus. Tell your dermatologist that you're concerned about it.
  5. The dermatologist sounds like your best answer.....

    I get those red lines broken blood vessels on the side of my nose and now I'm getting a few on my chin ~ I went to a place and they used a laser and they are gone but they do come back every 3-4 months. I've read Vitamin K & C are good remedies ~ but I really need to research it more.
  6. green corrector to balance out the red, facial and or biore strips to get rid of blkheads and always exfoliate gently to get rid of dead skin a few times a wk
  7. I do have lupus... but this is not the typical luplus butterfly rash, I've actually never had that or any skin involvement luckily.

    It isn't a rash at all, it isn't raised or uneven or anything... it's just my skin looks like it is colored red, like a sunburn, at all times. I think it is way more noticeable to me than anyone else. It has been like this my entire life and my mother and grandmother have the same thing... I guess I was hoping there was some way to make it less pink rather than just covering it up. I just don't get why it's only on my face and not the rest of my body, which is super pale white.

    I will try the Biore pore strips, they have not worked for me in the past but it's been a long time since I tried!
  8. The strips will irritate the skin even more. My nose got red even if my eyes teared. Sensitivities kept my nose and cheeks red since my teens. Paula Begoun wrote "The Beauty Bible" and it gives wonderful suggestions and solutions for all sorts of conditions. She even describes the best ways to wash your face depending on your needs and skin type. Lots of other related topics are discussed as well.
    Her book was very helpful to me and everyone else in my family. Good luck!
  9. I'm fair and get ruddy patches on my forehead. Physicians Formula makes a green tinted lotion and concealer stick that takes care of it. There's also a powder, but I've never used it. It's a drugstore brand and really affordable.