Nose bleeds

  1. Sorry, I know this is gross, but I have to ask. I have been having nose bleeds for the past couple of weeks ever since I went to Philadelphia. When I got there I had a nose bleed and even in the mornings would spit out blood. I know it's from the dry cold weather. Now that I'm back in New Orleans I'm still having it. And it's always more on the right side. It's so nasty. So what can I do to help this? Should I spray something in my nose?
  2. Sounds like more than just a little nosebleed Zophie... I would see a doctor, especially since it's backing up into your mouth. You may have ruptured a blood vessel in or around your sinuses.

    During a nosebleed, you can tilt your head back and put an icepack on the bridge until it stops. Try not to blow your nose if you can help it. And see a doc.
  3. I used to get nosebleeds ALL the time when the weather got cold and dry (they run in the family), so I totally sympathize with you. Seriously the best way to prevent one is to put a small glob of vaseline up your nose before you go to bed. Prevents you from drying out. Speedy, I've heard both tilting head back and forward for nosebleeds, so I'm not sure on that one, although ITA agree on the ice pack!
    My guess is that your blood vessels got damaged when you went to Philadelphia, and they're still irritated even though you went back to a more humid climate. Try keeping "up there" moist with vaseline and see if that helps it clear up. If not, then definitely call the doctor.
  4. My younger brother would get them before i know the doctor said NOT to tilt the head back because it make you cough and gag also if too much blood goes into the stomach you can vomit, all of which will make the bleed worse.

    Also i think you need to go to the doctor, most of the times nose bleeds arent serious but can be indicators of much bigger problems, so just to be safe.:tup:
  5. Okay, thanks to you both for saying not to tilt the head back. I won't say that again should it come up again in my lifetime.
  6. No problem! :angel:

    Edit: So sorry, I got mixed up. I started to type my reply and then TPF went down for maint. and when i came back i was think the OP was tilting her head back....then I read it again and realized you had replied to her!! sorry to have offended you....
  7. I have nosebleeds a lot. I have had them my entire life. I get them when the weather changes. It is an old myth that it is better that you tilt your head back. I think the reason they used to tell you that is because it just makes the blood go down the back of your throat. So I guess people used to think if you do not see coming out your nose it is better. But the blood still goes somewhere.
  8. Hi Zophie! Sorry to read about your nosebleed problem. That's right, tilt head forward and apply pressure, then ice. Since it is happening so frequently, I would see your doctor. Also, check your blood pressure. They'll take it for free at the fire station, and it should be accurate.
  9. I have had nosebleeds for many years, the best thing I have found for preventing them is to apply a small amount of vaseline in each nostril before you go to sleep every night. That way the nose stays moist and the vessels won't break.
  10. I used to have chronic nosebleeds as a child. I found a method to always get rid of them no matter how hardcore they are (we are talking like a light running tap!)

    I used to get a facecloth and soak it up with warm or cool water. Take that wet facecloth and squeeze it over your nose, as if you are using the facecloth as a big wet tissue. The water from the cloth should be rushing into your nose. Do this for at least a minute. Do not tilt your head back. Breathe through your mouth the entire time. It often makes a big wet mess at the sink, but it worked just about every time I tried it.
  11. Just to clarify, these are not nosebleeds that are so bad it just comes running out of my nose on its own. When I blow, blood comes out. And I'm one of those people that has allergy/sinus issues so I blow a lot. I've gotten nosebleeds in the past with cold weather, so it's nothing really out of the ordinary to be afraid of. But since I've been in more cold/dry weather than usual it seems to be going on longer. I could be aggravating it though by blowing my nose so much I guess.

    I only had the spitting blood thing twice, in Philadelphia. It was a small amount and I tend to sleep on my back so I think it just dripped back in my sinuses.

    When I was with my friend she threw up a couple of times and was having a lot of mucous problems, but no nosebleeds. She asked her brother (a doctor) about the mucous possibly making her throw up, and he said definitely that can happen. Luckily that hasn't happened to me, just the blood. So I think mine is from dry sinuses. I'm so used to heat and humidity my body doesn't know how to handle dry/cold weather.

    I might try the vaseline. It sounds so yucky though.
  12. My husband & son suffer chronic nosebleeds and their treatment when one occurs is to tilt their head forward slightly and pinch the bridge of their nose with light pressure or put a cold cloth on the bridge of their nose. After the bleeding slows they then apply with a cotton tip a small amount of Rectinol (yes I know its meant for your bottom) but it constricts the blood vessels - you only need a smear of the stuff not a nostril full. It actually works, we asked our family Dr about using Rectinol and he said it was unorthodox but fine.
  13. zophie, like you I have allergy/sinus problems and also the exact same type of nosebleeds. I use a humidifer every night, and saline nasal spray a few times per week to keep the mucus membranes moist. Saline nasal spray is non-addictive and in no way damages your nasal passages like some other nasal sprays can.
  14. Tilting your head back is not a good idea because you could swallow your blood.
  15. No no no no honey, I am not offended. You must remember I'm an old person, and you knew updated news about nosebleeds I didn't. I was sincerly thanking you for the info!:yes: