Nose before contouring...?

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  1. Hello their !
    At first, sorry for my bad English :/
    The next summer i would like to do some surgeries(I only have 17 years old, maybe too Young but I hate my face so much and makeup can't do anything,), but I'm caucasian and I read it's better to do the nose job in our country than in Korea. BUT, In France it's very very VERY rare that a doctor does a v-line surgery. Like I want to a lot of surgeries (v-line maybe but I know there is somme different, euh...contouring surgery ? Like zygomas ? T.T) dark circle, dermatology skin care and nose !
    So the questions is, it's better to do the nose before the contouring ?
  2. Hi pomme_verte :smile:

    No, it's better to do the contouring first. It's easier for them to make a nose to fit your new face, than a face to fit the nose.

    At 17 you are still very young and many surgeons in France or Korea probably won't operate on you. I would recommend wait maybe another year till you are 18. If you are still sure do the contouring first, next summer.
  3. You are still in period of growth. I would like to say wait a bit more until you are becoming adult. :sad:
  4. I did my nose when I was 17. I regret it even though I didn't get a bad result. I'm 21 now and am going this fall for facial contouring, then again next year in the spring for nose revision.
    If you really want to, you could get your nose done, but it will more likely fit your current face shape. IMO I would wait so you don't have to spend more money like I did. Also, I don't think you can do V-line or facial bone surgery until after 18-19.
  5. Besides enhancing your nose to match your new facial bone structure, I just want to say, I literally just did my zygoma reduction and my nasal passages are all blocked and I am still bleeding from the nose even though i never did anything nose surgery. So definitely seperate the two and do facial contouring first. If you want to do it all in one trip it is advisable to set them one week apart as the fluid and pressure build up from facial contouring can be somewhat severe and cause discomfort.
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  6. Omg!!!!!!! Where did you have zygoma reduction done? What technique? 3d or quick? L or trapezoid cut? Price? Please tell us more about your experience!!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  7. Uh, thanks for quick review !!
    Sorry I'm late I was in Spain lol.
    So, yeah, I think i will probably wait 2-3 years.
    I am going to wait for the time when my growth finishes.
    20 years is a good age I think. But the problem it is because in one year I go to a business school that I shall have finished my preparatory school for entrance to my school.
    BUT, I shall like having one " a new face " when I shall be gone into the school. I do not really want to let know set apart my family that I resorted (turned ?) to the plastic surgery, especially that it is about that spreads fast.
    Hopefully you will understand me.
    And still forgiveness for my not terrible English I was never very talented in language :annoyed:.
  8. I had 3d zygoma at Dream. Will write my review later when im feeling less crappy. I still cant enjoy a burger -_- soft foods only :sad:
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  9. I can't wait to read about your experience!!!!!!!

    Wishing you happy results and healing :smile:
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