Northwest area flooding...everyone OK?

  1. Well we are getting soaked with a few inches of rain (following the snow this weekend) and there is standing water everywhere!

    We had to close our office at work b/c we are in a low spot and there was about 6-7" of water in the parking lot by 9am! Scary.

    Be safe and dry out there, ladies (and gents!)
  2. Thanks! It's not so bad in the Willamette Valley, just the cold rain like usual...but considering we had such a dry fall it's a shocker! hehe
    it is worse out on the coast of Oregon, we're ok in here...hopefully it blows past quickly.
  3. Its pretty bad out there. I got a news alert a few mins ago that they are evacuating the North Creek Business Park in Bothell due to flooding :wtf:
  4. It's been raining cats and dogs all night...and the wind is pushing the rain right into our windows so it's really loud lol. Not to mention the wind is insane on the Oregon coast!!
  5. Holy cr@p... I just got a call from my husband. He is trying to drive south on 405 near Kirkland... he says the road is flooded and cars can barely drive on the shoulder area. He's trying to come home, let's hope he makes it .. Thank god I don't have to go out for work again till Wednesday :wtf:
  6. ^^ my gosh i hope hes okay!! I know I have the day off today...thank goodness!! Though i need to go grocery shopping at some point today!! yikes
  7. EK! I knew it'd been raining up north, didn't know it was this bad! Everyone stay safe and on high ground!
  8. He called me a bit ago from I-90 but he said it is REALLY bad out there. Don't go out if you don't have to.
  9. Yikes it is not nearly this bad in Oregon!!! I hope all you Washingtonians stay safe!!!
  10. Yepper that's my neck 'o' the woods, Roo. 405 has been a freakin' flooded parking lot since early a.m.

    The roto rooter dude has been here helping my neighbor and I keep the water out of our garages. Good times. :yucky:
  11. This is where I work!!!! It was so scary!! I had to take a co-worker home and it took me two hours (when it should take me 15 minutes!!!!) :wtf::s
  12. Just a bit of a update... Hope everyone is ok!!!!!!!!!!

    Here are the latest reports of damage, power outages and road closures as they come into the KING 5 Newsroom. For the latest on school closures and delays click here.

    3:04 p.m.: Grays Harbor Sheriff's dispatch says winds are dying down. SR 12 is closed into Aberdeen. SR 107 and Hwy 101 are closed.

    Most roads into Aberdeen are closed with all roads coming from the east closed. Mudslides are reported in Porter on SR 12 and another on SR 105 in O'Leary Creek.

    3:01 p.m.: State Dept. of Health water warning - The state Department of Health issued a boil water advisory this morning for the 4,700 people served by Montesano's water system. The entire community was without power after gale-force winds pounded the area. The city's water reservoir was heavily damaged. The roof and part of the structure fell into the water, creating the potential for contaminants to enter the water supply.

    3:00 p.m.: Clallam Country reports every river west of Port Angeles is in flood stage.

    2:54 p.m.: State Emergency Operations Center - Officials say the State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was activated at a Phase III level at 10:30 a.m. today in response to flooding conditions on several Western Washington


    2:52 p.m.: Coast Guard operations update - The Coast Guard is responding to more than 90 people in distress due to flood waters around the state of Washington today. Two Coast Guard HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crews from Coast Guard Air Station Astoria and an HH-65C Dolphin helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Port Angeles is responding to more than 80 people in distress 20 miles west of Chehalis, Wash. Coast Guard Air Station Port Angeles launched an HH-65C Dolphin helicopter crew to Tahuyo River, Wash., to rescue 10 people trapped in their homes after a dike broke on the Tahuyu River near Hood Canal in Mason County, Wash.

    2:51 p.m.: River update -The Snoqualmie, Tolt rivers are at Phase III flood alert level;

    Moderate flooding anticipated as rainfall continues.

    Issaquah Creek rises into Phase II flood alert status, with minor flooding expected

    2:45 p.m.: Caller to the KING5 Newsroom says the water at the Edmonds ferry is up to car level.

    2:37 p.m.: In N. Everett, police, fire and marine units are checking the possibility that a person was swept away into a flood area along the Snohomish River. The report was phoned in and they can not reach the caller. They are searching the Snohomish River near the bridges located near I-5 and SR 529.

    2:02 p.m.: Sandbags available - King County Fire District 20 covering the neighborhoods of Skyway, Lakeridge, Bryn Mawr (West Hill) have sandbags available at the district's Administration/Training Center at 12424 76 Ave South. Residents are reminded roadways with water covering partial or fully should not be passed; as you are not able to see the street and don't know if there is a street underneath.

    1:53 p.m.: Belfair rescues underway - KING5 News' Drew Mikkelsen reports helicopters are being used to rescue stranded residents in the Tahuya River Valley.

    1:50 p.m.: Lewis County - KING5 News' Glenn Farley sends us the following update - The Meskil Bridge, which is between River Rd. and Leudinghouse Rd. has reported to be washed out, as well as the bridge at Hwy 6 and Chandler Rd.

    The Newuakum River had broken its dike, and has now flooded the Burger King and McDonalds at exit 72 of I-5 and Rush Rd. with approximately 4 feet of water. Exit 72 of I-5 has been closed.

    Lewis County Public Works advised the Adna shop is inaccessible for sand bags.

    1:42 p.m.: AP - Mudslide warning - The National Weather Service says heavy rains have brought the risk of mudslides to Western Washington. Three-to-six inches of rain in the past 24 hours have saturated soils through out the region. People living above or below hills are advised to be aware of the danger and take precautions. Forecasters say heavy rain will continue this afternoon in Western Washington but rains should taper off tonight as a cold front moves through.1:40 p.m. - SR 522 is closed just past the Woodinville exit. The State Patrol reports there are cars submerged in the middle of the highway.

    1:33 p.m. - Flooding has forced the closure of the following streets in downtown Kent:

    1. East James Street at Central Avenue North
    2. 81st Avenue South between South 196th Street and South 200th Street
    3. 76th Avenue South between South 212th Street and South 228th Street
    4. 72nd Avenue South between South 212th Street and South 228th Street

    1:15 p.m. - The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for the Cowlitz River at Randle.

    1:15 p.m. - The National Weather Service has issued major flood warnings for Snohomish, Tolt and Snoqualmie rivers

    1:05 p.m.: The Snohomish County Chapter of the American Red Cross will open an emergency shelter at the World Harvester Family Church, 20830 52nd Ave. W., Lynnwood, about 1 p.m. today (Monday) for people affected by heavy rains and flooding.

    1:05 p.m.: Jefferson County reports that as of 12:35, Hwy 101 was closed to the South, near Brinnon due to deep water.

    12:56 p.m.: AP - Gov. Chris Gregoire has declared a statewide emergency in response to storms lashing Washington. That means the state's Army National Guard is on standby to help local officials if they call for assistance.

    12:51 p.m.: Onalaska Schools - releasing everyone at noon and cancelling all activities, including the basketball game.

    12:45 p.m.: I-90 closure - The Transportation Department says westbound I-90 has been closed at Snoqualmie Pass near Easton by a snowslide.

    12:44 p.m.: Shoreline road closures - Shoreline crews have been responding to reports of flooding since 2:00 a.m. today and several streets are closed. The most significant closure is Meridian Avenue North between N 167th Street and N 175th Street. Detour signs will direct traffic access to Shoreline Children's Center at Meridian Park Elementary School via Wallingford Avenue N. Other street closures include Innis Arden Way south of 10th Avenue N and Corliss Avenue at 171st and 172nd Streets. Free filled sandbags are still available for pick up at Hamlin Park at 16006 15th Avenue NE.

    12:39 p.m.: The city of Lynnwood has activated its emergency operations center to help respond to a large amount of urban flooding.

    12:32 p.m.: Kitsap county declares flood emergency.

    12:28 p.m.: The Hood Canal Bridge is now open to vehicle traffic

    12:24 p.m.: Fatalities reported. Grays Harbor Co. Sheriff reports 2 fatalities in the storm.

    The first took place when a a tree fell into a homeowners home, he was out cutting the tree when another tree fell on him. The second person died when his medical equipment failed due to power outage.

    90% of the county is without power at this time. No shelters are open at this time.

    The county is asking people to stay inside because of flying debris due to high winds.

    SR 12 is completely closed because of down trees and power lines covering the roadway.

    Several major roads are also closed due to trees and power lines.

    12:22 p.m.: City of Bothell declares local emergency - City of Bothell Mayor Mark Lamb has proclaimed a local emergency in Bothell city limits. Mayor Lamb provides the following statement:

    "The City of Bothell is taking all necessary measures to ensure life safety for our citizens," said Mayor Mark Lamb. "The City is in full response to this emergency and is continuing to monitor the conditions as they are changing rapidly. Please secure yourself and your family, and ensure your emergency response plan is in place."

    A local emergency exists within the City of Bothell due to flooding and emergency powers as defined under RCW 38.52.070 are enacted. Other updates include:

    Mandatory evacuations are in effect:

    - North Creek Business Park

    - Quinton Industries (business)

    - Northshore School District Administration Building

    Northshore Senior Center (10201 E. Riverside Drive, Bothell;

    425.487.2441) is offering its center for citizens who need a temporary

    dry indoor location through 4:30 p.m. today

    Bothell Regional Library (18215 98th Avenue NE, Bothell) is

    offering its center for citizens who need a temporary dry indoor

    location through 9 p.m. today

    All City of Bothell Parks and Recreation events, programs and

    classes are cancelled today
  13. It is crazy out there. Mr Roo got home finally but 405 is a mess.
  14. My folks' housekeeper spent 4 hours on 405 getting from Kent to Bellevue this a.m., bless her heart. Now she's heading home...she needs a major bonus for being such a trooper!!
  15. And it's coming south... the winds are taking down lines here in Northern California too, and it's starting to rain harder. I'm in a valley so it's not that bad YET, but I know it'll get there.

    Run for the hills!

    Seriously, you guys do all you can to be safe, okay?