Northwest Airlines And CRJ

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  1. What are your experiences with this airline and flying on a CRJ? I have never flown on this airline before but I have to take it to get to Sioux City, Iowa via Minneapolis.
  2. I have flown out of PVD on continental on CRJ's many times (pvd to cleveland or pvd to newark) without any problems. Basically it's just a small jet. Seating is
    One seat - aisle - two seats. Best to be on the "one" seat side :smile:

    For more information on the seat layout (and best seats) check (you enter in the airline and plane type and a map comes up).
  3. Barbie Dream Jets. Got to love them. :p
  4. My dad flies for NWA..mostly international flights because he flies the larger planes. I fly a lot so it's nice because sometimes I can get free tickets, but most of the time I just get discounted tickets. (Great because I like to fly first class :amuse:) I don't like how NWA doesn't have a lot of direct flights and you have to stop in Minneapolis. However, for the most part NWA is a pretty good airline. I have never had a problem with lost luggage, etc.
  5. Which plane does he fly?
  6. Christine, I know he flies at least 3 different planes. He is usually flying the 747. He goes to Nagoya a lot because he flies this plane the most. However, large sized planes do not just fly internationally of course, so he does fly within the country too.
  7. Ah. How cool! :yes: Love 747s! (but haven't flown on NW in years).

    What other aircraft types does he fly? I thought NW pilots only flew one class of airliner at a time?

    My uncle flew CRJs for NW for a long time. Ran into a small health issue (erm.. a tiny heart attack - NW grounded him) and was forced to retire early.
  8. I'm not sure..he's gone a lot obviously so I can't ask him right now anyway. :yes: What do you mean by one class of airliner at a time..?

  9. lol. Sorry! I belong to a travel forum where they talk about this stuff. It bleeds over in my brain sometimes. :smile:

    Each aircraft type (Boeing 747 or 767 or 73* for example - I am not familiar with Airbus which I never fly) has it's own set of requirements as each is a unique plane (weight/size/instrumentation/etc). Pilots receive specific training on the type of aircraft they will be flying. Not to say they haven't piloted others in the past - but normally it is one aircraft type at one time.

    I am definitely no expert so please look to your dad for any corrections! :smile: And happy travels! (and to be back OT - those CRJs aren't too bad when going short distances.).
  10. Yes, they do normally fly the same type of plane at the same time. However they usually get trained to fly different types of planes. My dad recently went to Minnesota to be trained to learn how to fly another aircraft, again I don't know which type. Sorry :smile: I'm sure it depends on shortage of pilots and such to determine which types of aircraft need more pilots.
  11. i normally fly NWA all the time and i've never had a problem EXCEPT for last weekend when i tried to get from Iowa to PA. granted the weather was awful so i spent all day saturday in the Des moines airport wondering if our flight was going to take off. we boarded twice and unboarded twice and ending up leaving early sunday morning (thankfully i was able to go home and sleep unlike some other people who had to get a hotel). i connected in detroit and i had to get a new connecting flight, which i had a receipt for, but the nwa rep was a complete moron and wouldn't let me on the flight, so i had to get standby on the next one out. which i made. they then cancelled my returning flight because it showed in their computer system that i didn't take my original flight out so there in the computer's eyes i didn't make it out here therefore not needing a flight back home. 2 calls and 1 email later to it was fixed and no big hassel. the bad thing is that sometimes what you know and what the phone reps know aren't the same thing but they're always really nice!

    honestly a lot of people complain about nwa but i have flown a lot and about 90% of the time it's been with them and this is the only trip that i've had troubles.

    and i'm flown on the really tiny planes before, they're not that bad! and i agree, get the one-seater side!
  12. I've flown NWA several times (usually going to and from Canada) and always have to stop in Minneapolis. I have flown MANY times on those little planes and they aren't a problem (fly all the time on them to Chicago).

    A couple things about them though: THey have very very limited overhead space...therefore if you have a larger carry-on they might make you stow it underneath the plane (they give you a ticket as you walk on)...and there is not a lot of room to break out the laptop or anything. It's just a small plane!
  13. Thanks everyone. The type of CRJ I'm going on is a 2 seater on each side carrying 50 people. I got aisle seats because said the window seats were very cramped. I went to the luggage store today and bought a nylon medium duffle bag that is very squishy so it should fit fine. At Northwest's website it says that all carried on luggage is checked for the CRJ so I'm going to also bring my medium Tokidoki messenger bag as my purse.
  14. I fly Northwest at least once annually, because they're the only airline that flies nonstop from San Francisco to Detroit, where I have family. I've never had a problem with them, but I do have to say the coach seats are extremely cramped. One of these days I have to spring for first class so I can actually be comfortable.
  15. I agree that the coach seats are cramped. Actually, it's not just NWA. All coach seats are quite cramped and uncomfortable. I like to fly first class, otherwise I can't bear flying to Korea every year. It's such a long flight ugh.