Northern Va/DC Metro -- Any Good Ebay Consignors?

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  1. I have a number of Coach bags from this year and the past four years that I would like to consign or sell to someone who is an experienced ebay consignor/seller in my area. Does anyone have any recommendations for Northern Virginia/DC metro? I know some online consignors buy bags, but most are not interested in Coach bags, I believe, based on the calls I have made. TIA!
  2. I know Frilly Frocks out in Loudoun County has sold coach in the past, but I'm not familiar with their consignment agreement.
  3. Thanks so, so much to both of you; I very much appreciate the help!
  4. There's a place in Vienna, don't know the name. But they consign Coach bags.
  5. There's also a consignment shop for clothes n purses off of Arlington blvd west of the police dept on the westbound side of the road past the irish bar but before you get to clarendon.
  6. I wish someone around here would start a really high end consigment shop. When I lived in Boston, there was one there that I LOVED! I miss finding good deals on designer "lightly used" goods. :sad:
  7. Thanks again so much. I am going to try each of the suggestions and appreciate your help. I have been looking and feel like the places I found would not know the bags very well and not list them as well as they could be. Thank you again!