Northern Cal ladies I need suggestions...

  1. I have to travel out to Palo Alto on business for the week. Where can I get my shop on? Last time I was there I went to Santana Row in San Jose and trekked several Marshalls/TJMaxx stores, where I think that I got hit with bank fraud. I'd like to find a nice little trinket, (MJ bag) while there. I thought that I would get an opportunity to visit Pinkberry, but there are none there I don't think.

    All suggestions are welcome.


  2. There's Stanford Shopping Center, which has Bloomie's, Nordstrom, Neiman's, etc. They don't have an MJ boutique there, but they probably carry MJ at those dept. stores.

    There is an Off 5th outlet in Milpitas, at that huge mall, about 15 or so miles east of PA. I think it's called "Great Mall" or something, I can't recall.

    HTH a little bit! I've only been while passing-through. But I'm sure you can find some good stuff while you're there!
  3. Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara is nice
  4. Thank you both! I stayed at the Stanford Inn previously and was afraid to go in the mall, but this time...

    For sure I will get GPS to check both of these places out. Thank you.
  5. Valley Fair mall is great... also NMLC and Off 5th Ave at Great Mall worth a visit :smile:
  6. I am set! Thanks!
  7. If you've got a little time Union Square in SF has everything! Saks! Neiman! Norstrom! And tons of designer boutiques!

    If you're driving...

    101 N San Francisco > I-80 E (Oakland/Bay Bridge... I think it's $4 for toll) > Exit Forth Street > Slight LEFT at Bryant St > LEFT at 3rd St > Continue on Kearny St > LEFT at Sutter > LEFT at Stockton

    If you're going during the day and are comfortable on a metro you could always drive to a BART station and take the train over too!

  8. These ladies mentioned all of the shopping places, so I don't have much to add. But if you stay at Stanford Inn again, you can just go down El Camino (towards Palo Alto) and you'll see the mall. :smile:
  9. i agree with all the ladies on what they mentioned.
  10. I agree with Santana Row and the Stanford shopping center. Both are great. The mall called Valley Fair that is like right across from Santana Row has a great handbag selection at Nordstrom. Even better than the SF Nordies in my opinion.

    There is also an Off Fifth, NMLC and some other good discount stores at the Great Mall in Milpitas, which isn't far away.

    Have fun :smile:
  11. *faint* Thank you all for enabling me, with directions even! I will map my journeys, but I know that I will be on El Camino in either direction and I will be able to sniff out some finds. Then I'll head over to the Straits Cafe for a little bite.

    I hope to get into SF again. Last time I just drove directly to the pier and had dinner. I loved SF and I am a true 49er fan so I was amongst my peps and not afraid to voice it. LOL.

    Thank you again. Oooo I can't wait.
  12. opps double post. sorry
  13. There's also an MJ boutique and MbMJ store in SF, if you have the time to drive up there. Otherwise the Stanford Mall is excellent (it has Neiman's, Bloomies, Nordstrom, as well as LV, Kate Spade, and Burberry if you're interested in that). I grew up in this area and used to shop religiously at TJ Maxx and Marshalls too, and I'm sorry that you had a bad experience there; I've never had a problem with security there.. I guess it just depends on which disgruntled person you get ringing you up, right?
  14. I did hit every TJMaxx/Marshalls along El Camino from Santa Clara up past Palo Alto and a Loehmann's. As for the bank fraud, I think it occurred when people credit card info was swiped from the corporate computer system. They did not announce that they had been breached until January 18th of last year and then I found out that my account was compromised a week later. It was something I would never like to experience again, neither wish on anyone else.

    I am a reformed addict of the Marshalls/Home Goods/TJ stores, could tell you where to locate one just about in any city or state that I traveled in, but I haven't shopped there since. They were not supposed to be saving data after the transactions cleared, but they did. There is a couple class action suits about it as well.

    Anyway, I learned a lesson.:yes:
  15. I was at Off 5th and NM Last call a few days ago in Milpitas. As far as MJ bags, they are both pretty empty right now. Last call didn't have any, and Off 5th only had a few unpopular styles.