Northern CA Coach Outlets?

  1. Anyone know of any Coach outlets in the Santa Cruz, San Jose, Berkeley areas?
    I'll be up that way next week. thanks!:smile:
  2. there is an outlet in gilroy calif...about 25 minutes south of san's nice and large but it's not considered a signature outlet.
  3. I know there is one in Gilroy, which is near San Jose. Also there are outlets in Petaluma, Napa, and about two hours away in Vacaville(This ones the best). You can check them out at
  4. Gilroy! of course! I can't believe i forgot about that. i'll pick up some garlic while i'm there!

    thanks :smile:
  5. Gilroy did have some mini sigs last weekend. The east west duffles. But overall not much sig.