Northeast Flooding

  1. Is anyone here being effected by the flooding in the Northeast? I'm in Philly, and it's all over the news. I live right in the city-not near the Delaware or the Schuylkill River thankful, but apparently 200,000 people in PA have been evacuated, and they're saying it's going to get bad in Maryland too-especially in the Rockville area.

    Is anyone here in the danger areas? What precautions are you taking? A ton of my coworkers live in the area of Philly that always floods pretty badly, and I'm worried about them!
  2. I haven't even heard about this. Hope everyone is okay.
  3. The news about it is here & Rendell declared a state of emergency. I really didn't know it was this bad until I started watching the news this evening.

    In one area (Manayunck for the locals) they had to use boats to get kids out of their preschool!
  4. I live in Maryland and work in DC. I have been home from work since Monday because the building (Main Justice) was flooded up to the basement and power was lost. All the cars in the garage where totally damaged. The metro was also closed in some spots.....

    I heard I may not be able to enter the building until after the 4th of July.....
  5. Wow! I live here in PA and hadn't realized quite how bad it was. (although it has indeed been all over the news. Our town hasn't been bad...but some of the surrounding areas have major problems with flooding, so I hope they will be ok....

    My brother is in Arlington and he said there were a lot of problems in the DC area. He had trouble getting to work too.
  6. I live in PA, right by Delaware and NJ. I see stuff on the news but nothing first-hand happening to my area. I'm taking the train to MD tomorrow and I keep hoping that nothing will go wrong (like any transportation interruptions).