North/South SDJ, anyone???


Nov 2, 2018
Hi Guys,

This is my first time posting in this forum. I’ve always like Saint Laurent as a brand, more for their RTW than for their leather goods. I considered getting a backpack a couple years ago but I thought it was a bit expensive considering the lack of structure even though the leather was so soft and smooshy! I ended up going with Tom Ford. I went on the SL website for a browse and came across the SDJ in the North/South combo and instantly became very intrigued. It seems well made, I like the colours (yet to decide on which one) and its leather lined for a great price point. With COVID I don’t have any immediate plans to go to London and so won’t be able to look at it in person any time soon. Does anyone own this piece or even the normal SDJ that can weigh in? I’m drawn to high quality leather with solid hardware, good stitching and edging and overall well designed. I have read some stories about lack of quality and issues with customer service which put me off a bit so looking for some feedback really. I’ve attached some pics and hoping to get some insight.