North Face sizing help

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  1. I really want to get a North Face or two, because I am always cold aaalll winter, and I'm tired of it! :smile:

    The problem is that I'm 5ft tall, and weigh about 95 lbs. I tried on an xs denali today at Nordie's and it felt really big on me. I was hoping to get a denali to wear under my peacoat, or as a Fall coat. I also wanted to get a really warm winter coat.

    Do any North Face jackets run smaller?
  2. I have an XS Nuptse jacket and that is a little big for me. Im a UK 6-8. Not tried any others on though.

    I want to get some sort of lining for my jacket as its not warm enough for me and I live in the UK!!!!!
  3. i don't think any run smaller, but you can try the kids section. most of the north face stuff looks the same for women and for kids.
  4. ^ I was thinking about trying the kids stuff. I read a review that said the girls jackets arm-length was an issue, but I'll try them on and see. Thanks!
  5. Definitely try kids. I'm 5'6" 120 and the xs is still a little big in north face. I tried kids and the sleeves were just barely too short for me so assuming your arms are proportionate it might not be an issue for you.
  6. I too find that North Face runs a bit big. I like the recommendation of trying the kids section, but I would be a little concerned that they would be too short at that point..
  7. I'm 5"2 and 105lbs and the xs is TOO Big!! :sad: but that's the smallest size they have.. u should try the kids
  8. I'm 5'2 and 98 pounds and I find the kids sizes to be wayyy too boxy. I just deal with the xs womens denali fleece bc I don't really care that it's too big. I generally only wear it when I'm bumming it so I it's no big deal.