North Face Denali- Girls- $45.14

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  1. Hey all- thought I'd share. Massey's is running a sale TODAY ONLY for 20% off of any one item. They have girls Denalis in sizes that fit women (L and XL) that, with the discount, total $45.14- looks like the Greenwich Green color only. Shipping is around $7 (or free if total is over $75.00). Other colors (three pink variations and 1 blue) are $54 +/- with the discount.

    I just ordered the XL- hoping it isn't too big, but think it should work. For reference, I'm 5'4" and 123 lbs.

    There is also a good deal on men's Denalis (just not as good as the girls sizing!)- $75 +/- with the discount.
  2. Is there a code to use?
  3. Duh! Sorry-thought I included it. Yes. It is LEAP20
    All caps.
  4. Thanks so much, just bought my daughter one for next year!
  5. Thanks so much!