North Carolina Purchase

  1. Ok, so there was a thread a few days ago about NC Saks having a few cambon bags left. I reserved what the SA called a "zip top hobo", but she didn't really have a clue about why they called it a hobo and blah blah blah. Well I got the bag today and it's a pochette. I'm sitting here thinking to myself, you mean to tell me yall don't know what a pochette is? Where did they get that description from. Anyway, I paid a total of 238 plus 25 for shipping, so I guess that wasn't a bad price for a pochette. So here is my pink pochette.
    cambon pochette.jpg
  2. Are you keeping it. You could probably get your S/H returned, since they did not know the product.
  3. That is a real good price - I hope enjoy your new bag - congrats!!!!
  4. Good grief? They called that a HOBO??

    What is up with so many SAs not having a clue about the merchandise?

    Still...cute bag and great price!
  5. I'm thinking I'm going to keep it, but I'm not sure how i would use it since I'm such a big bag person. However, for the price I got it at, I could probably charge double for it. :shrugs:
  6. I think its a beauty, enjoy!
  7. LOL! It's cute Elong!
  8. I think some of the SA that work at the major department stores are clueless. I wanted a pink cambon wallet that my sister had in tan with snakeskin. I explained in detail what the wallet looked like and the SA said she had it and when I got the wallet it was the cambon purse wallet (they call it) it is big and zips all around, I loved the wallet and got it on sale so I kept it.
    Another time I couldn't get a straight answer about sizes of bags. The SA just couldn't be bothered, NM in Boca the SA had a tape measure and answered every question and Saks in Boca was great too. So I think it is just the SA you get, one who loves her job and handbags and knows her stuff and otheres who just don't care. Love the bag and I think you will enjoy it, perfect for going out at night.
  9. Ohh with the description that was given in that one post I would have never figured it to be a cambon pochette. Interesting description!

    Erica, you got a GREAT deal on this!! This would make a cute evening bag or a bag for your lighter days
  10. Some SA's. They have no idea what they are selling. That is not even close to a hobo. Still a very good buy though. I'd keep it myself for that price. Enjoy!
  11. do they give price adjustments at Saks? and for under what period of time will they still honor it?

  12. I remember asking Marian if it was the pochette, and she said it was the hobo but more rectangle (??!!). I was positive that I haven't seen any hobos in the Cambon line...
  13. soooo cute!!! congrats!!!
  14. congrats....
    I love that bag!!! How I wish they have a sale here :sad:
  15. I love it! Enjoy your hobo (wink)!