Norstrom price matching of Bloomingdale's F&F

  1. Has anyone else had trouble with the price matching at Nordstrom? I bought some stuff (a MJ purse, some bras, etc) with no questions asked but when my friend tried purchasing some jeans, they gave us a really hard time. At first, the manager didn't belive me that other departments had given me the discount, so I showed him my receipts. He then said "you better not go around to other departments and try to pull this stunt" :amazed: and started to yell at us saying that Nordstrom does not ever match friends and family discount and he'll honor it just this once. I was so mad and horrified!!! :mad:

    Sorry for the incoherent writing, I am just furious!! I have never been treated so rudely by a SA before!
  2. Some SA, even managers, are like that at Nordstroms. I think you should report how rude they were since situations like this would bring down their repps so they would care about this.
  3. Definitely write a note. Nordstrom does NOT like rude SA even if they're a department manager. You can call the store in question and ask for customer service. They'll give you the store manager's email over the phone. Drop them a short note explaining your experience.

    You could have easily just taken the merchandise and gone back to the other departments! That was just rude of that person.
  4. You really need to say something to that store manager. Nordstrom prides themselves on their customer service and if a store manager were to hear about how this SA treated you they will definitely take action against them. That is truly unacceptable behavior especially coming from Norstorms.
  5. Well it seems that the NY/NJ area Nordstroms are not honoring the 20% Bloomies F&F event price-matching. When I called up the SA in the handbag dept (Garden City NY Nordstrom), she told me that they would not price-match a competitor's F&F event discounts, only items permanently put on sale. And when I pointed out that other Nordstroms on the West Coast have indeed been honoring it, she just said they don't it. So I called the SCP Nordstrom and Marty was super friendly in helping me with my order (glad she is getting the commission!).....only caveat is the $8.95 shipping fee, but I guess I'll just have eat that up.
  6. fopduck, which store did you go to? thats soo bad. you should file a complaint.
  7. i wouldn't be surprised if some nordstrom's weren't sure if they were honoring the F&F discount, but still!
    that kind of treatment is completely uncalled for and definitely not the nordstrom way. especially since he was a manager!!
    you should file a complaint. that is horrible!
  8. If that particular store didn't honor the discount, they still could have done so pleasantly, instead of rudely accuse you of trying to pull a stunt. So sad to hear this from a store that has a good rep for customer service.
  9. you should REPORT his rude treatement. infront of the nordstroms entrances i go to they have a SIGN that says they will price match. so i don't know what he's talking about.
  10. Def write a nastygram! Unacceptable espec in retail!!! When I asked my Nordies, the handbag mgr said they would honor it and even skip s/h costs if a certain bag needed to be shipped to that store. Now THAT is cust servc!!!!
  11. That is definitely unacceptable behavior for a manager! Report her and do update us on what happens.

    Also I inquired about this through livehelp on and this is what I got:
    Marcia B: I am sorry but we do not honor coupons.
    Jenny B: Is this online only or in the stores as well?
    Marcia B: This is both online and in our Nordstrom stores. What type of coupon are you inquiring about?
    Jenny B: The Saks Friends & Family coupon for 20% off, I heard that Nordstroms offers a price match for that coupon
    Marcia B: We do not honor coupons such as percent off coupons. We will gladly honor a price that the item is featured at but would not be able to honor the percentage off.

    Bummer, I guess it does depend on the store then =*(
  12. 2 years ago a s/a was rude while assisting me. I immediately went to customer service and had the store manager paged. After hearing my story the department manager and s/a were called into her office. When I returned the following weekend another s/a thanked me. She was fired on the spot!
  13. ^^ woohoo!! thanks for taking actions serendipity and I'm glad they were punished for their rudeness!
  14. Wow you got some guts to do that, but it is great that you did. An establishment like Nordstrom's take pride in the Customer Service.

    It's nuts that they fired the SA!! do you feel at all guilty or do you feel they got what they deserved?

    As for the price match. I bought a pair shoes today at Nord's. I asked for the price match and the SA (who was the assit dept mgr) told me to check with Bloomingdales to make sure they had the shoe and he would price match. So I went over and they gave me the product search list/receipt and I took it back to Nords. He price matched me with no problem at all. He was a such a sweet heart!