Norstrom KOP - 3 medium carlys on clearance - khaki with the beat?

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  1. There were 3 medium Carlys at the Khaki/Beat is it? It's the red and only in medium - they were $229 - no other coach bags on the table.

    they also had some brown signature stripe wristlets on the table, didn't see the price, sorry!
  2. Wow - that's a great deal. I was just there yesterday and I didn't see them - maybe they only got marked down today. I wish they had a leather Carly on sale/clearance!!
  3. I was in on Saturday and they weren't there either - I think they were put out today. The one woman I usually chat with there I didn't see or else I'd ask - it is a very good deal, I hope someone here gets one!! btw.. anyone can call and they'll ship it to you! they all looked to be in great shape
  4. I can never find deals like this at my Nordstrom's!
  5. I love that sale table!!! Any other wristlets or wallets seem to be on sale, btw?

    Was the brown signature the older second release with the striped lining?
  6. some other signature wallets (brown and khaki, no idea which styles they were but I know they've been there for a few weeks now, they were $126 I believe)

    I didn't open the wristlets to see which ones they were
  7. TY! I might head over there tomorrow or tonight because new items are put out at Nord. Rack today. :biggrin:
  8. They had more than 3 Carly's. If you go make sure you check them over - one had ink on it.

    They had the dark brown signature wristlet with bronze stripe for $42.90. They had a bunch of I think mini wallets - Signature in black & brown.

    They had 3 suede Dooneys, a bunch of Kate Spade canvas stuff and Michael Kors canvas.
  9. All the Carlys were the medium khaki signature with the beet leather
  10. Thanks noshoepolish for the update!!!
  11. must have put out more b/c I know what I counted.. I was there around 2:45pm that day.
  12. one lowly Carly left tonight. Nothing else new.
  13. Probably the one with the ink spot!