Norsdtrom Selling Refurbished Bags

  1. I talked to one of the salespeople at Nordstrom Rack at Southcenter Tukwila WA mall and was informed that they are selling refurbished bags since last week. I rushed to the purse section "Just off the Truck" rack and got a Chloe Edith for $198. There we Lanvins, Burberrys, Chloes, Mulberrys!:tup:
  2. what??? does the bag look new? and is it in all the Nordstroms rack? Thanks
  3. OMG lucky~ ~~ Nordstrom around me I've never seen any refurbished Lanvin..
    Just called Southcenter Nordstrom Rack they told me all the refurbished bags are gone~
  4. :nuts: Edith for $198!! Holy Smokes.:nuts:
  5. Anybody else spotted this great refurbished bag event at different location of Nordstrom Rack?
  6. I am so mad that the N Rack near me closed and the only other one is pretty far. My sister did tell me that she was there last week and one of the cashiers told her they plan to get a bunch of new handbags in on the 15th. I can't wait to see what they get. I'll be there that morning...early.
  7. the only Nordies Rack by me is 5 hrs away:tdown::tdown::tdown:
  8. My Nordies always gets refurbished bags. They look brand new you can't tell they are refurbished and they are always really really cheap.
  9. ever scared they are fake? like someone did the bait and swith in store and then they go to the rack to be re-soled?
  10. I went to Nordstrom Rack in Glendale CA yesterday and saw some new LAMB, cynthia Rowley and Lasportsac bags for 50% off. Pretty good deals but haven't seen any refurbished brand name purses like other PFers posted.
  11. OMG!!! I'm so going to my local NR at 10am tomorrow morning! I will report back if I find anything good!

    Thanks for the post!!!
  12. I was at the Factoria (Bellevue) Nordstrom rack - and there were refurbished M by Mjs there. Is it a Seattle area thing? There were tons of LAMB bags too (ombre rastas) which I have never seen before.
  13. I was at the Costa Mesa NR and they had Gryson bags for $198 (2 left) and lots of new LAMB bags.
  14. Same here! Well 4 1/2 I would say for me :crybaby:. Hope you ladies with NR find some really great stuff!!!!
  15. Wow - I may have to check out my local Rack tomorrow - it's an hour away, but these deals sound like it would be worth a little drive!!