normally, does all chanel purchase comes with a gift box?

  1. my dad just bought me a cotton club reporter from Rome, sadly, they didnt give a gift box at all. we've spent $2000 euro on a bag and they dont even bother to pack it properly??
  2. Usually, they provide a box with the dustbag and a polish cloth inside the bag. I've bought Chanel in the Paris at Rue Cambon and at Galleries LaFayette and they take the time to put it in a box. It all depends on the SA. Sometimes when I buy stuff from NM and they forget to give me a box or the dust bag. My GST didn't come in a box - I guess maybe because they didn't have any boxes that size - or just couldn't be bothered to find the box.
  3. fiance bought my cambon from the london heathrow duty free shop and it was not boxed, i was disappointed too when i got it, it was stuffed w/ some tissue and put inside a blk duster bag ( i was expecting much better pkging, comparable to LV's)
  4. The boxes are bulky and not very thick - not gift boxish at all. Some SA's put the bag in the box, some don't, mine always ask since it's a flimsy box and takes up a lot of space.
  5. Mine have come with a box but honestly am thinking of getting rid of them . . . they are really flimsy so not really protective and they take up a LOT of room (room I may need when my bag ban is lifted! ;) ) If I thought I would ever sell any down the line I would hold on to the boxes but since I plan to keep them forever I think the dusters will be fine.
  6. I like having the boxes. They are on their sides on the closet shelf. Granted the larger bags are coming in flimsy boxes. So I'm a freak-a-zoid -- every pair of Chanel earrings, boots, pair of shoes sleeps is in its box. I'd rather dust off a box than have dirt clinging to the dust pouches.
  7. i love the box!
  8. i love all the chanel boxes. it's so organized with those pics shown
  9. My SA has told me that the cotton club ligne came in large white boxes (I think it sounds similar to the boxes for the coco cabas) and they threw those boxes away. :yes:

    However, if you ask your SA for a box and she happens to find one that fits the bag, she will include it. Otherwise, it will just be packed with tissue and the dust bag :shame:
  10. If purchased from boutique or major department stores, you should get box & dust bag.

    I love boxes with every my Chanel purchases. Great to have them incase for good resales later.
  11. happie,

    oh i knew which type of box you mean, i had one of those "ugly" box (compare to the normal black one) with my coco cabas. I better ask my family to go back to ask for a box if they dont mind.
  12. My recent purchase also came with a big (kind of ugly) plain, heavy, white cardboard box. My SA asked if I wanted it, but said most people don't, because it is so big and bulky. I took it anyway, but it was incredibly annoying to carry home.
  13. When I go to NM, they put it in any old box and it seems to never be in the one it should be in. They just put the box in a NM box.

    When I order from the Chanel Boutique in NY, they pack it so beautifully with ribbon and all.

    My flap bags came in really nice and sturdy boxes but my GST came in a large flimsy box.
  14. i recently bought a cotton club bag and received the black gift box with it. i didnt get a dust cloth though - i didnt know those came with bags? my SA didn't ask if i wanted one - he just packed it up! they should, if you're spending that much!!