Normal weight?

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  1. What does everyone think the normal weight of a woman should be at 5'2"?? I have always wondered what the healthy weight is.

    What do you guys think? What do you think is healthy for your height?

  2. I just googled it and it said depending on your frame, if you are a small frame your healthy weight should be 111lbs and if medium 122 lbs.
  3. I am 5'2" and I weigh 125. My Doctor says I am just perfect. Of course I am over 30 and have two kids so that might be a consideration. I am happy with my weight but just being a woman I would like to be thinner! LOL In high school I was 115.
  4. Thanks, ladies!:smile:
  5. yes, definately depends on your frame and body type, there is no set number and there is usually a general range that can span 20 even 30 lbs!
  6. According to a chart I have, the ideal BMI for a woman who is 5'2" is 23.5 and the corresponding weight would be 128.

    However, I just want to add that I think using charts and "ideal" weights in general can be dangerous. Also, keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat so if someone is very muscular their weight is going to be artificially high. And, fat volume is higher than muscle volume (meaning that fat takes up more room than muscle) so an overly muscular person will be thinner than an overly fat person even though the fat person could weigh less. Everyone is built differently and we all have our own body types. What is ideal for one woman isn't necessarily ideal or even reasonable for another.

    And, for what it's worth, I am 5' 1.5"; small framed; 115 pounds and 34 years old.
  7. You definitely have to consider the things Mokoni listed. My sister and I are the same height as you. We both wear the same size clothes. She weighs 10-15 pounds less than I do because I have a lot of muscle and larger breasts. Also, remember there is a difference between your healthy weight and your "vanity" weight.
  8. The BMI is a good thing to look at but I would also consider going and getting a body composition test as well. You can be in a good range for the BMI but your body composition can be unhealthy. A body composition test lets you know what percentage of your body is fat and they have certain ranges for this too that will tell you if you are in a healthy range.

    If you are really intrested in finding out if you are at a healthy weight then I would go get this done it will let you alot more than just your weight.
  9. I once read that at 5 feet a healthy mid-range is 100 pounds and for every inch, you should add 5 pounds to that. So, for a woman who is 5'4, a healthy weight to be around would be 120 pounds and at 5'2 it would be 110 pounds. Personally, I think it depends on what looks best on YOU because everyone's frames differ.
  10. In my opinion whatever you read would make everyone feel fat! Someone who is 5 foot can be healthy at 100 pounds but it's definitely not for everyone. Acceptable weight ranges can be quite varied and the taller a person the greater the weight range.
  11. The Body Mass Indicator (BMI) scale which is quite commonplace these days puts 5'0" and 100 lbs in the underweight category. Again, I think the BMI scale is faulty in that it doesn't take body composition into consideration. The same holds true here - 5'0" and 100 lbs consisting of what - muscle mass or fat mass? :hrmm:
  12. Using calculated BMI by weight to determine body fat is not always reliable.

    And the "normal" rates tend to change dependent on ethnicity.
  13. A lot of it depends on your build and whether it's muscle or fat. I am 5'0". I have a very petite frame. 100 lbs for me is not underweight. In fact, I just recently did a body fat calculation (which may not be that accurate though) and it said my ideal weight is 92 lbs.

    Here is the site I used.

    This is what it gave me:

    Your Recommended Blocks

    Your weight is: 103 pounds

    Your sex is: Female

    Your Body Fat percentage is: 27

    Your Lean Body Mass is: 75 pounds

    Your 'Ideal' weight is: 92 pounds

    Your activity factor is: 0.76

    Your recommend blocks per day are: 8 (60 grams of protein)

    I kind of think the results from this are b.s. though. I've had my body fat tested with a caliper and it was like 18.5%. I don't know if that was right either but that sure is a huge difference. And at that time I weighed MORE.
  14. According to the BMI chart, anywhere from 101 lbs - 136 lbs
  15. IMO one should look at age, bmi chart.. and what do you "feel" good weighing?
    I am 5'1" and at 160 - yes - still obese - but my surgeon has my "goal" set at 130. I am 32. And some days I feel that 130 will be too skinny! LOL But then again - I am not into the model thin body types... yikes! :wtf:
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