Normal wear and tear? Please take a look!

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  1. Hello friends. So I bought my Tivoli GM Labor Day weekend. I have noticed my bag has some cracking already on the leather by the zipper. It is deep enough I can run my finger nail down into it. Is this considered normal wear and tear for a bag that is about a month old? I was not sure if I should take this in or if the SA's would tell me it was normal wear and tear and send me away? I am sad my bag is only a little over a month old. I understand eventually things will happen, but I did not anticipate so quickly.

    Thanks for taking a look and for your opinions!
  2. IMO, I would take it to LV and have them take a look.
  3. Take it back.. Looks bad
  4. Another vote for taking it in. No way is that normal after just one month.
  5. take it in and show them!
  6. Yea Take it in. One of my favorite styles btw!
  7. I don't understand how this cracking could ever be considered "normal". Definitly NOT after a month! They should repair if not replace your bag.
  8. Doesn't look normal to me.
  9. Oh my! I think a trip to Lenox Square is in your near future girl....take it back and have them look at it! I'm sorry this is happening to your beautiful new bag. Let us know the outcome please! :sad:
  10. Bring it to the store ASAP...
    It should not be like this only after a months of use..
    Tell them this is not the quality you expect from LV.
    I did it to my zippy multicolor, because of the fading after 6 months of use.
    they gave me a brand new one.
    Good luck...
  11. I would take it back.
  12. Thank you all for your responses. Looks like the consensus is unanimous... I am SO upset about this. My husband said he was disappointed with the craftmanship of such a pricey bag! I am hoping I have an easy time trying to get some kind of help for this. I wish taking a defected bag back to LV was like ordering bad food at a restaurant -- they compensate you with a free dessert or appetizer hahaha! No freebies from LV! I am going to call ahead to make sure the SA who helped me is available; he was extremely nice. We were literally just near the LV boutique earlier today. By the time I realized my bag had a crack, we were already halfway home. Believe me, I would have turned back had it not been Sunday with stores closing early. We probably will not make it up there until the weekend, so I will be thinking and worrying about it until then! Thank you all again. I will keep you updated. Fingers crossed for easy service :smile:
  13. I'm sure you're upset, but hopefully they will make it right for you. If you go to Lenox and your SA is not there, ask for Christine. She is awesome and I have always found her to be SUPER nice and helpful. Let us know! :hugs:
  14. I wonder do you pinch the bag when pulling on the zipper? I have this bag and have been trying to to pinch the leather part on the top when pulling the zipper open/closed for this same reason.
  15. Hey thedeathparade, I actually do not zip mine open/close. I purposely wanted a bag with a zipper, but I find I do not ever zip it HA! How old is your Tivoli? *sigh* I am wondering if I just did not notice it when I bought it. Maybe the glazing on that part was really thin, and I did not look close enough. If they give me an option to replace, I will DEFINITELY be looking over my bag more carefully just in case. She was my first bag, and I was hoping she would last me forever!