Normal wear and tear on Cabat?

  1. the reflet is a beautiful bag and was extremely limited. you can negotiate the price on malleries so maybe take a chance. i did not buy reflet so don't know how it will wear.

    i have a nero nappa cabat and it is beautiful but has softened more than a lot. i had a large vachette that never softened despite use and its size. i parted with it because it was very heavy.

  2. Thanks everyone for your help. I wound up calling BV to find out about refurbishment services and what they said was this: they can clean and polish/condition the leather and that improves the appearance of any scratches or wear on the leather. They can reseal the edges of the handles, but it is likely that they will crack again as the leather stretches. Lastly, there is also the option of replacing the handles altogether. When I asked about normal wear on the Cabat, I was told that what was on display in these listings IS normal. That was pretty much all I needed to hear and now I'm certain that it isn't worth it to me to purchase a basic Cabat at full retail price. So either I'll keep my eye out for a preowned bag in great condition or hold out until I fall in love with a seasonal piece. Thanks again everyone!
  3. hope that you find the cabat at a price that you want... its a great bag

    and it is classic & works ...
  4. While I don't disagree with what BV told you regarding wear and tear on the handles and the color rubs being "normal," I would interpret that more as being "normal wear and tear" as opposed to a "defect." I'm not sure BV meant to say that the heavy signs of wear was "typical" of a used Cabat. But maybe they did, and that would mean that my own Cabats are in unusually great condition for being used :smile:. I think it comes down to individual use and care, and I think that goes for any bag.

    In any case, the Cabat is really expensive, and if it would pain you to pay full retail for a classic color, then finding a pre-owned one in great condition is a good way to go! I don't think it's ever a good idea to spend outside of your comfort zone for a bag.
  5. i agree with blueiris. if you're not comfortable spending the money for a cabat, then better not do it.

    in defense of the cabat, i personally had no problems with mine and i didn't baby it. the best indicator of how the cabat will wear is how your other BV bags have worn because the leather is the same (napa) and you know how rough you are with bags.