Normal Wear and Tear: Documenting Sienna.

  1. After some of the recent photos I've taken of my Sienna to post in the other threads, I realized there is significant wear on the handles and wanted to share.

    Each cut-out piece of leather on my Sienna has rubbery olive-colored "paint" along the edge. Looking at it closely, it is a very beautiful detail, I assume to seal the edges of those pieces. However, because of how the handles must stretch from carrying the bag around, the paint is completely cracked. It doesn't look like it is ever going to get to the point where it starts coming off, but I am still worried. Has anyone else come across this problem? I am guessing there isn't a way to fix this. It is more of a cosmetic nuissance than anything.

    After really noticing this detail, I thought this would also be an additional way for us to distinguish authentic Siennas from the fakeroonies. There's no way that the people who make the knock-offs are going to spend the time to seal the edges of all the leather cut-outs.

    Do all Siennas have this, and are there other Koobas that have it too?



  2. I checked out my Older Sienna and Mine isn't as apparant as yours but it is starting. I also know that the threading below the Stud but above the O ring on the handles has come undone. I wonder if Fake Sienna have this securing thread. Scarletts don't have the securing thread at all.