Normal in rain?

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  1. Hey everyone

    so i bought my first LV man bag (Bosphore Backpack) only 3 days ago and today it started to rain in the Bay Area while i was walking with my LV. The water got on the straps and now its starting to change color.........Is this normal? Its so depressing that my baby is already damaged!:crybaby:
  2. Water spots will be visible for a while until the leather gets darker patina and all blends in. You could perhaps use some apple products to prevent more water spots though. Look through the faq here for more info. :yes:
  3. sweet thanks for the quick response and suggestion..........its just an eye sore looking at it hahah
  4. I actually think it'll look good after a while. Here's a pic of my all vachetta leather Alma which got small water spots all over when the patina was lighter, now it looks really good. :yes:

  5. wow, it does look better. But with yours everything is an even color, for me, only one strap has drastically turned into a darker color. The unevenness is annoying hahah
  6. Vachetta + Water = No.

    If it forms a nice and even patina, it should blend in over time. Be careful with your vachetta next time! :biggrin:
  7. you could use apple leather conditioner on the lighter areas to slightly equalize the color. :smile: then after that use apple rain and stain repellent/protector on all the vachetta!

  8. Yes, after the straps have gained more patina, they will even out, but you can speed up the process with a little saddle soap and a clean cloth too; I use saddle soap to clean all of my leather items, and sometimes to even out the patina on my bags. Then you can protect the leather with a good water repellent.