Normal for new jewelry to have hairline scratches?

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  1. I just received my new piece of Alex Woo jewelry. My mom has a piece she got from Jared that's AW and hers looks fine, but mine has a little hairline scratch on the back- it doesn't bother me a whole lot because it's on the back, but it still does.

    I ordered it from Lord and Taylor and it came enclosed in all its little bags so it's possible the chain could have scratched the pendant.

    I am still however kind of bothered by it and wonder if I should exchange, but I paid overnight shipping so I don't know how that'd work or if I'd lose money.

    Is small scratches in the jewelry making process sort of normal? Thanks
  2. It could be the way it was packaged or it could be a return and someone wore it before returning. It kinda sounds like it does bother you so it might be worth it to look into returning. You can call and tell them the piece looks worn and they should send a new one out and pay for you to return the one you have. You should not lose any money at all.
    If it were me, I would look to return because it would probably bother me.
  3. Maybe a display item?
  4. Thank you for the reply!
    I'm going out of town tomorrow till Sunday so should I wait till I get back to call them or call them tomorrow or something? I don't want me waiting to affect them sending a replacement.
  5. This turned into a nightmare.. first issue I used paypal credit and already payed off the bill before I realized the necklace was damaged. So now I'm having to return it, wait for paypal to refund me, then wait for them to reimburse me for my payment. THEN I'll have to order the pendant from a whole different site because Lord and Taylor is sold out, that was their last one ( so I'll bet you two are right and it was the display)

    I guess I'm just ticked because I ordered it to have it for my trip and paid overnight shipping and it's scratched :sad: but I'd rather it look new and be worth what I paid than have it be scratched and drive me nuts.
  6. I completely understand. I've done the same thing (ordered something specifically for a trip and it doesn't work out) and it sucks.
    If it's only on the back and you think you can be ok with it, it might be worth keeping. If it's going to bother you definitely return and find a brand new one. The inconvenience might be worth it. Good luck and try and enjoy your trip! :smile:
  7. Did you try using a jewelry cloth to buff it out? A while ago, I had bought a brand new Tiffany double heart tag YG necklace that was wrapped and brand new. I didn't notice until I got home that it looked like there were some hairline scratches on the heart tags. I used a Connoisseur jewelry cloth for gold on it and it got rid of the hairline scratches. I didn't have to rub it that hard. Just a quick little polish. HTH
  8. Thanks for the replies!! I did try to buff it out but it's on there for sure. It does bother me too much so because lord and Taylor are sold out I'm going to wait for my refund and order from Jared. Sucky situation but would rather have a brand new one that shows
  9. Feel better. Everything will be ok! :smile:
  10. I've seen SAs scratch up pieces while handling them in stores due to their rings (engagement, wedding, etc...). Especially at stores like Lord n Taylor, who aren't specialty jewellers. :/
  11. I hope it works out! That's a really frustrating situation!
  12. Yikes!! I can only imagine.. and that makes me happy I'm going to get it from an actual jeweler now. Thanks for sharing