Normal amount of hair to lose in the shower?

  1. Just wondering what's considered a "normal" amount of hair to lose in the shower. I'm always have to clean the drain after I wash my hair!!
  2. I'm sure it depends on how much hair you start out with. I lose probably around 15-20 strands each time I shower and I have a lot of hair.
  3. I lose a ton of hair both in the shower and when blow-drying. I have a good sized amount that I need to clean off the drain/hair-catcher thingie, and I always have to "scoop up" the hair on the carpet after I'm doing drying/styling.

    I believe it's at least 100 strands a day (which I've been told is normal).
  4. When my thyroid was off I lost tons of hair :sad:

    If you feel its too much I highly recommend you have your Thyroid checked.
  5. I lose hair everywhere. My hairdresser said it just seems bad because my hair is so long and I notice it. But I lose hair in the shower, in my car, everywhere. Every time I run my fingers through my hair at least one falls out.
  6. I pull out handfuls of hair in the shower and continue to do so when I dry and brush my hair. Even blowdrying sends bits and pieces flying everywhere.

    If it's more than usual, you might need to see a doctor. If it's making no difference to your hair, then don't worry about it! Hair loss is natural...
  7. I lose hair everywhere but I think it's normal. I don't count in the shower but I definitely have to scoop up a tiny little pile whenever I'm done washing my hair. I also lose hairs when I brush, blowdry, sleep, run my fingers through my hair, etc. My hair is very long though. It goes past mid-back.
  8. i read long time ago in a magazine that you're suppose to lose at least 50 strands of hair a day.

    if i remember it correctly from physiology you should take vitamins C, E, B3, B5, B6 and zinc. that prevents hair loss and stimulates growth.
  9. ^ I think the longer your hair is, the more you can pull out - it's weird, as I always thought that if hair detaches at the scalp, then it shouldn't matter whether your hair is short or not. But I just cut my hair chin-length not long ago, and there is definitely less hair coming out in the shower. When it was long, it used to look like a little dog or something sitting on the drain. Now it just kinda looks like a little gerbil.
  10. A handful is probably normal.

    We shed hairs daily, so what you are looking at is probably hair that pulled away from the scalp, but never let the head.

    thats why sometimes when you comb your hair, they come out.
  11. I pretty much agree with what everyone else is saying. I have long hair and I feel like it is everywhere! My hubby used to have long hair too, so for a few years we had a major vacuuming (sp?) situation on our hands every few days! I have noticed that the amount of hair I lose also depends on how often I wash and brush it - more washing and brushing = less hair lost each time. If I skip a day washing and stick it up in a ponytail without brushing much at all during the day, when I wash the next day, there is a lot more hair falling out it seems like!

    But I guess the bottom line is if the amount of hair loss has changed recently or is becoming noticeable when you look at your hair, see your doctor!
  12. OMG haha that made me laugh!!
    I usually always lose a few strands after washing, i clean out the drain (:yucky:) every few days
  13. lol i_wona! I lose a decent amount of hair, but I wish I lost more because I have super duper thick hair. :push:
  14. i used to never loose any hair at all when it was short, after growing it out i loose alot!
  15. I lose quite a bit... always have. I lose it in the shower as I wash my hair (I need a drain catcher). I lose it when I brush my hair. I lose it when I dry my hair. I lose it when I put my hair in a hair tie and take it out to fix it.

    I always have. But my hair used to be much thicker. When I tell my hairstylist she asks if I have a huge change in hormone levels. I don't think so! I need more vitamins to keep it in, or a shorter hair cut :yes: