Noritaka Tatehana shoes store

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  1. Ok, so Noritaka Tatehana now has the shoes for sale online. I know, I know that they are a little bit unusual, but I am IN LOVE. If I had the money, I'd buy those Night Makers in a heartbeat and my dreams would come true! I guess I am just a real believer in wearing what makes you feel special. I love anything from my classic Chanel flap to these crazy amazing shoes! What do you think?

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  2. Too expensive to justify shoes you very likely won't be able to walk in. I say they're pretty for Lady Gaga but you wouldn't be able to go anywhere in them if they're hard to walk with.
  3. I know what you mean. They would definitely be harder to walk in than the Finsk ones by far! But if I were a rich girl (nah nah nah nah) I would totally buy a few pairs of some shoes from him. Call me crazy! :smile: btw, did you email Finsk?
  4. I didn't; I put myself on an October No-Buy...! I might go mad, and my list of wants gets bigger and bigger now that I can't buy anything. Go figure.

    If I were a rich girl I'd order those custom heel-less shoes Daphne was seen wearing. hahah
  5. lol yes! those are some nice ones too :smile: I think they are by Natacha Marro or something.

    No matter what, my list of wants gets bigger. I think I might have an illness lol
  6. Didn't Gaga fall on her face at LAX in those same shoes?
  7. no, she fell in the vase shoes, not these
  8. Hahaha, tell me about it!! It does sometimes feel like a sickness. That's in part why I decided it was time for a major shopping ban. :smile: I was also in part inspired by the person that is going to stop shopping for one whole year (Money Talks subforum)!

    And oohhh man, I saw the photos of Lady Gaga falling and that looks so very painful. My major thought was, why isn't anyone helping her out before she hits the floor???
  9. A whole year?!?!?!?! No, I would never ever make it. I can't make it longer than a month before I start drooling over a purse or something.

    Yeah, seems like they would help her and also people who walk in normal heels fall, so it is no surprise she fell in the vase shoes! Can't be perfect or walk perfect all the time.
  10. I know... I definitely don't think I'd be able to survive one whole year. That's why I'm dedicating one month - October and see how it effects my shopping habits.

    And I've fallen once... it was so embarrassing ...!
  11. yeah, one month is much easier :smile: after this month though, buy something awesome and let me know where the thread is :smile:

    I have not fallen all the way down, but once I was leaving the movies and I staggered 2 times in a row in front of everyone!! omg lol and then one time in Cheesecake factory I kinda slid, but kept my balance. I nearly ate it though! Those Cheesecake Factory floors are so slick! I avoid the place if I have slick shoes on.