Norioko - Hologram Spy

  1. Looks like it's out of stock already
  2. It might not be. I had that happen trying to post a link from eluxury but when I went in and through the main site it said they were available.
  3. jeeze someone was on it ..they are all out
  4. oh :unsure:
  5. fret not, they're back as of right now! so run get yours!
  6. awww thanks you guys!!!!!! Someone PMed me about this too :biggrin: I've decided to wait until next season to get the gold spy though. This one is great too! But the gold in the lookbook looked more durable and soooo purrrrty!
  7. no prob! and sorry about mis-spelling your name! i guess i got so excited when i saw the bag that i typed too fast :smile:
  8. Looks like you can order and they ship 11/19. In time for the holidays!
  9. hehe its okay, everyone spells it wrong! :biggrin: