Noriko!!!! I just wanted to tell you&everyone this...

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  1. :love: I am in love with Noriko's bag collection!! I bow down to you girl!! I thought I had a nice collection, but girl! I love yours!!!:love:
  2. Awwwwww thanks girl :biggrin: I think we have a lot of awesome collections on this board. Post yours girl! :love:

    I like Issmom's collection too, or what I've seen of it. Especially her limited edition paddy!
  3. Do we dare start a thread where we just list everything we have? Or will that inspire jealousy and a buying frenzy on all parts?!
  4. ^^^hahah that would be a good thing :lol: Then the last purchase thread will totally be flooded! I wish I had taken a bag inventory when I first started collecting, its going to be such a ***** now!!!
  5. my digi camera does not work:sad: Whoever wants to list all their bags, please do....:P
  6. I'm a bit weird. I photograph all my bags, laminate the photos and then pin them to the sleeper bags in the closet. That way I can tell what is in which bag without having to take everything down. I can type an inventory of bags pretty easily. I can't post photos that easily! My camera's photos are too data rich to 'fit' in the forum.

    But seriously, Noriko, should we start that thread?
  7. That's a good idea about the photos. I've read a similar idea in a magazine, but it was for storing shoes.

    Right now I can count how many bags I have on one hand (5! Soon I'll be able to use two hands :toung: ) Most everyone here has an impressive collection! I'm just starting out - give me some time :biggrin: The thread is a good idea. I would love to know what everyone has.
  8. Okay Kimora Lee Simmons..... She has photos on tupperware storage for her Americas Largest LV collection.
  9. Sure, why not!! It would be cool if everyone could post all their bags together-- like a big bag party in one photo!! Ha. :P
  10. :lol: we could start thing, sounds like a cute idea. I can compile a partial list, probably won't dig all my stuff out of storage though lol.
  11. this would be cool , like our on PURSE LOG , hey megs and Vlad should look into that . that would be cool :smile:
  12. ^^ Do you mean a new area on the forum just for that? Like it's own topic?
  13. Go for it! It will be fun to see what bags you serious collectors have! also anytime our signifigant others question any bag purchase we can go to the thread and say "see, look everyone here has more than me and I really do need to have one in every color size and designer!" "I am so normal not obessed at all!"
  14. I think that sounds like a good idea, maybe a sticky post with everyone's bags or something. Its been done on one of the LJ communities I'm on, always fun to see!
  15. So a seperate forum where each collector has a thread of her own? Is that the basic idea that you gals would like?