Noriko & all CD experts...r/o

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  2. Can't be 100%, not enough pictures :sad: I love the red though!
  3. it look like a real good knock off ........if u like i say buy
  4. The seller is a My Poupette Recommended Seller who sells authentic LV. The MP sellers are very reputable and well known for selling authentic bags.
  5. Hey gals, the seller provides a lot of pictures. Will you take a look and tell me what you think? I only saved that pic:smile: Thanks
  6. OKay saw the rest of the pics, my comp was wacked for a moment. Anyhow, the card looks wrong, unless its just really old and they changed it recently. Here is what most of mine look like, the newer ones anyhow. The older Dior bags I have are in storage.

  7. I also dont think this is a true LE item. Dior limited edition diors have the plate inside. Maybe its just a limited production or something.
  8. Thanks Noriko, I'm not going to buy it.