Nordys backordered three times already...

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  1. Ok, I passed on the Terra colored backpack once so when it popped up again I went ahead and purchased it (7/5) it said it was backordered until the 10th. I waited. I got an email letting me know it'd be pushed back until the 14th. I waited. Just got an email that said it was pushed back yet AGAIN. And on the website it says its backordered until August 13! :annoyed:

    So I checked Bloomingdales and they of course have the color in stock however, they don't offer free shipping. So do you guys think it's worth it to wait? Should I grab a different color? Should I just spend a little more and buy it form Bloomingdales? If I were to just get a different color - what would be a better all year round color ? *not looking for black bc I already own one*
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  2. For Bloomies, you can sign up for their rewards program (Loyalist) and there is no minimum for free shipping then.
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