Nordy SF


Nov 12, 2007
Hi, I am new to tpf, but have been lurking around for a long time! anyway, i wanted to pass on some info from my SA at nordy in SF. I called about the rm morning after mini but she couldn't locate one for me. they still have some botkier and gustto left on sale-- not sure of the prices or exact styles. she also reminded me that at the end of the november is when they will do designer mark-downs and she can pre-sale over the phone. She should have the list of pre-sale purses soon. i live in boston but get all my stuff through her, she is really wonderful and doesn't mind running around for ya (she sold me a wonderful pair of Ferragamo a couple weeks ago)

anyway thanks for all the wonderful tips ladies!
her name is Erin Ripton in handbags, call the main # at 415-243-8500<O:P</O:P