Nordy Lovers Prada Has Arrived!!!

  1. I just moved back to Bellevue after spending the last 5 years in NYC. I expected to find Seattle full of unwashed hippies and 90's grunge protestors and Bellevue brimming with suburbanite soccer moms driving Volvos decked in their drab WASP uniform of chinos cardigans and monogram Coach driving moccasins (or worse yet CLOGS!!!). I cringed at the thought that to avoid being the victim of pointed fingers, vicious not so hushed whispers, and blatant unapproving stares I would have to store away the treasures and gems that had lured me to NYC in the first place: my first pair of Loubitons, my beautiful deerskin Prada tote (the instigator of a serious obsession with the brand), and my very own PINK Birkin bag (I would have died a happy women the moment I walked out of the store with my baby) just to name a few. To my joy and SHOCK Seattle and BELLEVUE had been bitten by the designer bug and I'm not just talking Barney's, Mario’s, or the Niemen’s that is opening next dear and very much missed Nordstrom is still the same home away from home I fell in love with during my first Anniversary sale (I first remember going when I was 6 but my mother loves to say that I was an anniversary shopper even before I was born!) but with a face lift and a fabulous makeover. The best part about the NEW Nordys....WE HAVE PRADA and to make the homecoming even more welcome Bellevue is the only Nordys to have Prada....
    The Prada specialist at Bellevue said she'd send me some pictures of the stunning bags they have I'll post the second I get's good to be home!!!!
  2. Welcome! I was very much like you. I'm a East Coaster and lived in Manhattan for 4 years before moving out here and I had the same feelings. But there are a lot of good finds out here and Bellevue is really taking off. (I also find it a little less stressful out here as well!) I also was so excited about the Prada boutique opening in Nordstroms. The Bellevue Nordy's has a fabulous handbag collection and some of the nicest SA