Nordtsrom Downtown Seattle - pics/prices

  1. Here is what my SA at Nordies Seattle sent to me today.
    I am on a major ban so I hope one of you fab ladies will find something you like. FYI, Danny has said that the email can be forwarded to others........

    Contact Danny McGinley
    CHANEL Accessory Specialist
    Nordstrom Downtown Seattle
    Ph: 206 628 1390
    Vm: 206 628 1443

    Special call outs on items - the dark silver and light silver 2.55 Reissue wallets on a chain are AMAZING. At $1425 they are $25 less than the permanent collection lambskin style and are the perfect day-to-evening accessory. They have a mock-Mademoiselle snap closure and can be worn as a pouchette, cross-body, or just tuck the strap in to use them as a clutch!

    Also, the Melrose Jersey Tote is a great piece for summer; it's light-weight, easy to pair with denim of any color, it's fun and over-sized, and (best of all) it's $1475
    NORDSTROM_DOWNTOWN_SEATTLE_-_Dark_Silver_and_Light_Silver_Reissue_Wallets_on_a_Chain_$1425.jpg NORDSTROM_DOWNTOWN_SEATTLE_-_CHANEL_LA_Jersey_Hobo_$1475.jpg NORDSTROM_DOWNTOWN_SEATTLE_-_Jersey_Melrose_Tote_$1475.jpg NORDSTROM_DOWNTOWN_SEATTLE_-_Light_Silver_Reissue_in_226_size_$2695.jpg NORDSTROM_DOWNTOWN_SEATTLE_-_Jersey_Jumbo_with_Silver_Hardware_$1475.jpg
  2. More pics...
    NORDSTROM_DOWNTOWN_SEATTLE_-_Black_Satin_East-West_Evening_Bag_with_Gold_Hardware_and_Jeweled_Turnlo NORDSTROM_DOWNTOWN_SEATTLE_-_Turnlock_&_Chain_Detail.jpg NORDSTROM_DOWNTOWN_SEATTLE_-_Washed__Calfskin_East-West_with_New_Chain_and_New_Turnlock_$1995.jpg NORDSTROM_DOWNTOWN_SEATTLE_-_Washed__Calfskin_Jumbo_with_New_Chain_and_New_Turnlock_$2650.jpg NORDSTROM_DOWNTOWN_SEATTLE_-_Timeless_CC_Animation_Flap_Bag_in_Souple_Caviar_$2575.jpg
  3. A couple more....
    NORDSTROM_DOWNTOWN_SEATTLE_-_Petite_Shopper_in_White_Soupple_Caviar_$1350.jpg NORDSTROM_DOWNTOWN_SEATTLE_-_Pacific_Palisades_Tote_$3195.jpg
  4. Here's the price list.
    Wallet on chain - $1425
    LA Jersey hobo - $1475
    Melrose Jersey tote - $1475
    Light Silver reissue 226 - $2695
    Jumbo jersey silver h/w - $1475
    Black Satin e/w with gold h/w and jewelled turnlock - $1495
    Washed calfskin e/w with new chain and new turnlock - $1995
    Washed calfskin jumbo - with new chain and turnlock - $2650
    Timeless CC animation flap bag in souple caviar - $2575
    Petite Shoppe in white souple caviar - $1350
    Pacific Palisades tote - $3195
  5. thanx for sharing bagmad73 :flowers: ~ the wallet on a chain is sooo cute! :love: ~ i take it the 224 reissue is about the same size only deeper? ~ i would love a small light silver something as an evening bag
  6. wa thank you so much, they are all so pretty. :tup: Can i ask which one is mock-Mademoiselle snap closure ?
  7. OMGGG, i'm loving the Jumbo Jersey w/ Silver Hardware. That is the 5th picture, correct? Does anyone have it, and if so, how is the material? Thank you in advance!
  8. I think that's the wallet on the chain.
  9. ^ It's jersey.
  10. What's "jersey"? lol I have no idea what that means.
  11. thanks for posting pics! great SA!!
  12. I saw the Satin evening purse with CC rhinestones IRL and it's amazingly beautiful. I also like the 2.55 reissue wallet on a chain. Good price too. I just bought a 2.55 metallic black reissue wallet and it also has that mock MM clasp. It's basically like the wallet on a chain but WITHOUT the chain. Very cute. Thanks for posting!
  13. Basically fabric. Canvas.. I'm not sure what type Chanel uses... but it's not leather.