Nordtroms return policy

  1. Does anyone know Nordstroms return policy of a handbag that has never been used and still has tags. I misplaced the receipt. :shrugs: I do have my credit card statement with the amount and the store number.
  2. Nordy's is pretty generous with their return policy. There are reports of people returning tires, etc.--it's spawned some urban legends. Anyways, you should be able to return the bag. On the tag, likely on the back, there should be a sticker with a bar code--that bar code has all the information about your purchase. If the tag doesn't have a sticker--are there two bar codes on the tag? If so, one bar code has the price info and the other one has the transaction info.
  3. You are right!:sweatdrop: Thanks, I can return the bag!
  4. You can return almost anything back to Nordies. I'm awful with returns which is why most of my shopping is done at Nordies. I've said many times that Nordies should buy me a cot because I'm there everyday. You don't even need the receipt. When you return it they will look up the info in the computer. Do you still have the CC you used to purchase the item? If it's a couple years old you may need that. Is this the Chloe bag you bought?
  5. I purchased a mulberry bayswater back in May and I am having second thoughts about it. I have the CC statement and the CC.
  6. A few months ago I was in Cingular renewing my contract and getting a new phone. The girl that was helping me commented on my bag (a black hamptons hobo) and said that she'd had it over the summer in white. She said that she used it so often that it got dirty and so she returned it to
    Nordstroms. I was shocked to find out that they let her credit the full price of her dirty bag for a nice new clean one of a totally different style. She said, "Nordstroms has the most lenient return policy ever! I just tell them I changed my mind and I get a new bag every 3 months!" I ran in there again the other day to get a media kit for my husband's phone and she helped me again. This time I had my Black Leather Soho, and again she commented on how much she liked it and it might be time for another upgrade. I don't think she remembers me, so I don't think she knew she'd told me about her "upgrade" trick.

    Is this possible? Will they really take back a bag that has OBVIOUSLY been used? I thought you had to have the tags. I guess you just have to be really careful if you get a bag from Nordstrom, you never know if someone else has taken it for a spin already!

    Has anyone else heard of this?
  7. seems awfully dishonest to me...
  8. Nordstrom is notorious for their very lenient return policy. I have heard of people returning stuff that they bought elsewhere, but Norsdstrom sold it too. They returned it, no receipt, no tag.

    I have never returned anything there, but I hear this all the time!!

    I agree that it seems VERY dishonest.
  9. Because of how serious nordstrom's is about customer service I totally believe this....but would NEVER do it. That girl is just driving up prices for everyone else!
  10. That's just wrong! I've heard of people doing that with other stuff too, like bedspreads etc. Nasty! Once you use it, it isn't returnable IMO and if you don't want it any longer then it's time for Ebay, goodwill or the garbage!
  11. I have a friend who works at Nordstrom and she told me they are instructed to take ANYTHING & everything back. Most of that stuff (unless its sent to defectives) is sent to Nordstrom Rack. She says Nordstrom makes SO much $$, that it is worth it to them to offer unparalleled customer service. She said they lose only about 2% on returns. So even though some might say its dishonest & she says people do abuse this policy, they aren't going to tell you no.

  12. wow that's crazy, but good to know.
  13. That is crazy. I would never buy a bag, or a bed spread. etc use it for awhile than return it!.. makes you wonder if when you buy something is it really new??
  14. One of the retail "urban legends" I heard is about how Nordstroms took back a set of tires, despite the fact that they don't sell tires.

    We always got it pounded in to our head that this is the way customer service SHOULD be, lol, yet all the stores I've ever worked for had awful return policies.

    Edited to add:

    It's great that Nordstrom's has an awesome return policy, but shame on the girl for taking advantage of it. I always turn 30 shades of red when returning something, I couldn't imagine doing it repeatedly with dirty used stuff!
  15. when nordstrom sells any item they place another barcode on the tag to make returns easier. the sticker says nordstrom on it and its called a UII. I never purchase a purse with a UII on it bacause it means someone already purchased it and it has been returned, may have even been used. With clothes I tend to still buy it if it has a UII, just look over it closely.