Nordtrom Anniversary Bags

  1. Does anyone know what will be available under MJ collection? -- I see the list is out.
  2. Just came back from Valley Fair...
    3 MJ bags for the Anniversary Sale
    Black Venetia
    Black or White Christy
    Black Deborah

    All at 50% off..I presold the Venetia for $658!
  3. ^^I always thought the Anniversary specials were from the upcoming Fall season. Aren't the Deborah and Christy from the Spring '07 collection?

    Congrats on your soon-to-come Venetia!!
  4. does this vary by store? or should all Nordstrom have these on sales? if not do they charge-send pre sale??
  5. they'll charge send a bag if necessary. Just call around or find an SA to search a bag for you. Sale anniversary bags should be the same at all stores, provided they carry those styles.
  6. i'm so tempted to get the black venetia, but i'm holding out for one of the zip clutches in one of the new fall colors. thanks for the tip though!
  7. very nice! black - a great find! I'm hoping to possibly presale a pair of SW shoes (fingers crossed)
  8. Hi - anyone know what marc by mj bags will be on sale..thankyou so much!!
  9. Hi everyone! This is a silly question, but does the black venetia have the gold or the silver hardware? Thanks!
  10. if im not mistaken I think it has gold hardware. I think all the fall '07 bags do
  11. The recent bags do have gold hardware (darn it!)
  12. Can you tell us about the stitching and the lining? thanks mags
  13. How could that be 50% off if Venetia's only cost $1,025? :confused1: Well thanks anyways for the heads up! I'm seriously considering the Black Christy! :graucho:
  14. ^^Ooooo, go for it Melly! I wish I could get the Christy in White.
  15. Hi! This is my first post :smile:

    Is the black Venetia you got quilted? I'd love a qulited Venetia!