Nordstroms wouldn't price match Bloomies F&F

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  1. I tried twice tonite to price match a MBMJ bag with an online Nordstroms SA and they both said they don't price match the F&F sale. Yet, while in Nordstroms tonite, the SA said she would....should've bought it while I was there...uhg....

    Anyone else encounter this?
  2. Why not just call the SA that said she would do it and have her do a charge send for you.
  3. Yes, I could, although they're closed now. Just a little annoyed at the inconsistent rules.
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    Yup!I was told this by different managers at different stores as I tried to find one that would match 7FAM's F/F event last year. They also refused Macy's, but got them to match Spanx' and I think Sephora's F/F.
  5. iT DEPENDS ON THE SA-I called Nordstroms online to price match FF 20% Bloomingdales for a Winter kATE Cardigan, the SA ON LINE would BUT FOR THE SALE PRICE @Bloomis, which was 5 dollars more than sale price at Nordstroms.
    I called a random store and they priced matched Nordstroms sale and 2o%-and FREE shipping-yah!!!!, its on its way.........:smile:
  6. Nordstrom should always price match friends and family promotions. I would ask to speak with a supervisor. They might not be matching yet because it's not on the front page, but anything that would make the price lower should be matched. I've had some ridiculous SA's too. Sometimes I'm mad enough to stop shopping there all together, but then I'll end up with an exceptionally nice SA that will make up for it. Keep trying. If it helps, look up the ad online and show it to them through chat. Good luck.
  7. Hi!
    Please only post Deals & Steals in this forum :ty:
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