Nordstroms to D/C IF bags - what do U think?

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  1. So I was at my local Nordstroms last night and was talking with my salesgirl. She tells me that they are currently selling out of their remaining Isabella Fiore bags and will no longer be carrying her line. I don't know if she means that store only (Oak Brook, IL) or if she means all Nordstroms.

    She says that ever since [SIZE=-1]Trang Huynh and Jennifer Tash left to start their own line of bags (Lockheart), sales have been down and customers have been unhappy with the newest and latest styles.

    I own a couple of IF bags and do really like them, but I have noticed that they seem to be repeating lots of styles. I also noticed that the Last Call table at NM was loaded with IF bags, and that they barely had any left at full price.

    What do you guys think? Are any of you still a dedicated IF fan? Are there any former fans, that no longer care for them? If so, what changed your mind?
  2. I have one bag and I like it, it's my "hippy" bag. The IF bags are usually a little too busy and I don't have room in my closet for more than one bag like that. I do notice that they are always on sale at NM and BG online as well.