Nordstroms Still Has Gorgeous Bags @ 40% off!

  1. So I stopped by Nordstroms tonight (Chicago, Michigan Avenue) because I needed to pick up a sleeper for my new Teal ZC. While I was waiting, I took a quick peak at the sales table to see what they had left - They still have an Icy Blue Stam bag (I don't remember the price), a Dark Green Mina bag for $800+, a coated fabric Stam bag w/Ostrich trim ($900+), a coated fabric Venetia w/Ostrich trim (for $800+), a patchwork pocket hobo (similar to the multi-pocket but w/out padlock pockets on the front) for $600+, and a really pretty canvas Venetia bag with leather trim in the most gorgeous shade of Red - I didn't check the price, but it was really a stunning bag! I would love to have a bag in that shade of red, but I'm not really a fan of the Venetia - it's probably around $700 or so - it would be a great deal if anyone was looking!

    I also looked at the new bags and the new soft calf line is stunning and soooooo lightweight! The only problem I have with the bags I saw is that the shoulder straps are much to short to carry on your arm (the bag sat directly under my armpit which I hate - esp in the summer!).

    If anyone's interested in the bags that are sale you can call there tomorrow - (312) 464-1515. Ask for Stephanie (my SA) or Kate (the new Designer Specialist who helped me tonight).