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    Nordstroms Sale
  2. Just thought I'd post here that the Nordstroms on Michigan Avenue in Chicago still has some GREAT Mulberry Bag deals if your looking to get a great bag for a great price.

    I was there just this Sunday and they had a table full of Mulberry....the woman told me there was more in the back because apparently all the Nordstroms sent their overstock of Mulberry's straight to the Chicago store (she didn't say why though..?)

    Anyway, I picked up a mauve Phoebe bag for $470 and a Hand Painted Flower Rosemary bag for $470! (each retailed new for about $1200!) Anyway, they had many other Mulberry bags - I remember one Chocolate Phoebe, some Oak/Tan Phoebes, some Roxanne bags (hand painted flowers, olive, tan, canvas) some Rosemary bags (mauve, tan, olive, hand painted flower) and Rio bags in the Rosemary, Roxanne models and the bigger satchels in Rio. 1 Glove leather Phoebe in white, and some glove leather tassel bags. Prices there are cheaper than at Saks Fifth, and the selection was much better.

    AND - I got a fantastic deal on a Luella classic trench! Original price of $1800 marked down low - and then marked down an additional 15% -
    so I got it for like $650 !:yahoo:
  3. I got my first Mulberry from Nordstrom last night, a Blenheim in Darwin leather, marked down from $795 to $315!

    Here are a couple of pictures
    IMG_1256 copy.jpg IMG_1257 copy.jpg
  4. TravelBug, that's so cute! What a great find, too!
  5. wow that's a great deal! i had no idea that the sale was still going on. good for you! enjoy your new purchase! nothing feels as good as a steal!
  6. OMG Ardiennet do they ship to other countries? That is such a good deal! Did they have any Bayswaters?
  7. I have no idea if they will ship to other countries! :shame: You could try phoning them - the number for the downtown Chicago store is:
    (312) 464-1515
    I asked if any Bayswaters where back there, and she said no - but who knows if they've gotten any in since then or if someone returned one by now.

    Speaking of returns, heads up gals - I will be returning a Mauve colored Mulberry Phoebe bag tommorrow to the Nordstrom store at Old Orchard in Illinois. I really decided that the flowered Rosemary bag just speaks to me and I've adopted it as my primary baby - so the other will go back for someone else to enjoy! :girlsigh:
  8. Ardiennet - thanks for the phone number - very enabling!!! LOL

    The mauve Phoebe is GORGEOUS - I almost got one but got the mauve Bleinhem instead.... someone should snap yours up!
  9. Here's a pic of my new flowered Rosemary - and a half pic of the Phoebe that's being returned. I have no idea why it doesn't accept the whole file (?) but ya'll get the idea with what is showing on the Phoebe. lol