Nordstroms Sac Update

  1. Nordstroms in Sacramento just got some EB's in - I know they have the Giant EB City - she also has an Envelope Clutch in Black and Money in Bubblegum. Elyse is very helpful there and said they are still waiting to get more EB and Magenta's in.
  2. I also know that two sky blue RH Days were there as of Tuesday.
  3. does anyone know if they have any sky blue firsts?
  4. I just got my EB City with GSH from Patrice at Nordstrom and *sniff* I like the RH better but I don't know if they are getting any more in. I just called and Patrice is off today....the lady I spoke with said they were not getting in ANY more EB?????

    I just told her to have Patrice call me tomorrow.