nordstroms riverside (socal)

  1. I was there yesterday, they have many portatelefonos 40% off: 1 inferno, 1 foresta, 1 citta & 1 citta rosa. For anyone interested in those. :smile:
  2. a foresta porta at 40% off?! niice!!
  3. if you pass on it, i want it. please?? ;) :wtf:
  4. I just called, they said its gone :sad:
  5. lol it's all yours ragdollia :biggrin:

    i am tempted but i will pass on it!
  6. awww man ... people snatch stuff up FAST .. whoosh and it's gone
  7. The foresta is gone but I did manage to get the inferno one for my bf to put his ds in. so yay!
  8. I know! Especially when there's a sale!
  9. congrats Swtest!
  10. *intense sobbing*

    i wanna get a CHEAP one toooo. :crybaby: