Nordstroms return policy - receipt/tags required?

  1. I have a bag from Nordstroms that was a gift. I don't have the tags or the receipt and I don't want to ask the giver and hurt her feelings. The bag is unused but do you think Nordstroms will take it back w/out tags or receipt? It has the dustbag and everything.
  2. You need either the reciept or when you purchase at Nordstroms the leave a sticker with a barcode on the tag. Either of those is fine.

    In your case, technically the do not accept those returns but Nordstroms has such a great customer service that I have seen them accept such returns. It all depends on which SA you get. I saw one lady return steve madden shoes without anything no tag no reciept, she couldve purchased them from ANYWHERE but nordstroms still took it back.
  3. I was told by my SA that the tags still need to be attached to the bag if you are returning.
  4. Darn, I don't think I had one of those sticker things attached. Maybe I'll try anyways - I guess I can always sell it on Ebay.
  5. no you don't *need* them. the return might take longer though (they'll have to look it up in the computer). i returned a pair of jeans a couple weeks ago that i'd worn around the house and decided the rise was too low...but i'd already thrown the tags away and couldn't find the reciept. i wasn't expecting them to take the jeans back, but i figured the worst they could say is no, right? in the end the SA was apologizing to ME for taking so long, even though she gave me back cash! most places wouldn't have taken them back at all or at least would have made me take a giftcard.

    nordstroms is awesome about returns. i think bagnshoo is right though about it really depending on the SA you get. i would give it a shot...again, the worst they could say is no right? then you're no different from where you are now and there's always ebay or the marketplace.
  6. Does the tag have two bar codes? Nordstrom is moving away from the stickers now. Their tages have two bar codes. One has the price information and the other bar code has the transaction information.

    It doesn't hurt to ask--be nice and polite--that always seems to work...
  7. They have really cracked down on returns there over the past year. They now track purchases AND the credit card used for the purchase. I guess they were having too much shrinkage with returns of stuff not purchased there.
  9. will they still accept returns after 30 days?
  10. ^^ Whenever I have a return I'm not sure about such as a situation like this, I always call the store first and ask. Then, if it's favorable, I get the SA's name and go right to the store and ask for him/her.

    It sounds a little odd, but being anonymous on the phone, getting a solution, and then coming to the store with the issue already resolved tends to eliminate any possible confusion or awkward moments with the SA. More often than not, it works like a charm!
  11. I tend to do the same thing!!:wlae:
  12. I do the same thing, Pursegrrl!!
  13. Nordstrom is a great store and will almost accept ANY return after ANY period of time as long as you have the tag and receipt. But if you don't have the tag or the receipt, it can be harder to return. I don't blame them since I'm sure there's been a lot of abuse with the generous return policy.

    If you don't have the receipt or the tag, they now do track purchases with the card. So if you have the card that you purchased the item with and go to the store that you purchased it from, they'll be able to pull the information on the transaction. It's amazing what computers can do!
  14. i never knew u could do such things at any stores!

    my mom bought a top from bebe, wore it, washed it, and it got these spots on them from the colors, and she had ME go talk tot hem, which i was ****tin in my pants bc i didnt think they're take it back, my mom had NO RECEIPT, and no tags ,AND its been washed n worn...

    ..they gave her store credit for full price.

    i was surprised.

  15. bebe's i'm surprised

    with gap/oldnavy/banana

    you can always look up purchases with credit card.

    and debit cards too

    but that just makes me suspicous...they have my information on the computer?!