Nordstroms Rack low on designer bags

  1. They opened a new one near me (first one in my state I think) and there was NOTHING. It's so bad. I don't even bother shopping there really because they never have anything good at all.
  2. And I'm comparing this to the one in Orlando that I used to go to when I was in Florida, which had GREAT finds!
  3. The NYC NR has a totally sad bag selection, which is baffling to me. Maybe it's the neighborhood (Union Square, which skews younger)? Never anything remotely exciting, just Kate Spade off-season bags, JC velour, Michael Kors. Come to think of it, there aren't any designer shoes usually either. Depressing, considering the Sacramento NR I used to go to had so many great finds, including Burberry flats that I just loved.
  4. I still haven't been to the NYC store- how is the costume jewelry selection? Worth the trip?
  5. Seattle NR has some high end designer purses, although I don't think it is too often.
  6. When I was there last yr... I saw a lot of Marc Jacobs, few MiuMiu and maybe couple Fendi.

    There was a few Prada, Ysl and Tods shoes too.

    I was in love.
  7. What about the NR at millenia crossing, orlando FL? any Rebecca Minkoff?
  8. NR in Annapolis, MD always has Rebecca Minkoff and Juicy it seems. I have only once seen a premier designer bag there - Valentino. And it was, well...abhorrent. meh.
  9. Any time I've ever been in the King of Prussia NR, it's totally sucked.
  10. yea union square rack sucks, and so does paramus nj one =[
  11. Glad I found this thread... I thought it was just my luck that I hadn't found any good bags. I have been to 4 different NR's, in the last few weeks, and NONE of them had any really good designer bags. I wonder what's going on with them.
  12. since I posted this thread, have seen a couple of MJ collection bags. One was a current season refurbished one; that was a smokin deal - very hard to resist. The other was last week a gold MJ Stam; that one wasn't as well priced and I didn't like the color.
    It seems to be just hit and miss; usually I don't see multiple bags that are interesting but sometimes there is one special one.