Nordstroms Pre-Sale....

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  1. Are all the sale bags available at the Pre-sale or is it just a select few?

    I'm trying to decide if it's worth heading over there before the actual sale starts.

  2. Me too, I kind na wanting to find out.

    Do they normally know & tell to you what's gonna be on sale?
  3. You can probably call them and find out. I overheard an SA say that the Coach bags will be but she didn't say which ones.
  4. If you go to or call the department, they will definitely let you know. There are Anniversay Sale books in each department with what will be on sale. I've been afraid to go into the handbag department because I've presold a lot already just from walking around Nordstroms. The SAs are very sneaky, I mean, helpful with telling you what's available for presale!!! :p
  5. Definitely ask them what is available for pre-sale. The bags aren't marked or anything.

    You can even pre-sale a bag that that particular location doesn't have in stock, so you should ask an SA.
  6. Oh bank account!