Nordstroms - No tax charge

  1. Does anyone know which Nordstroms will not charge sales tax if you have it shipped to VA?
  2. if there's no Nordstrom store in the whole state of VA I would think any Nordie could gift it to you tax free (with maybe exception of California....NM told me there's a state law in CA that prevents them from "gifting" to waive tax). You could probably call a Nordie and ask to be sure.
  3. I'm going to NYC next month to buy my first chanel, do I need to have the bag shipped somewhere else to avoid taxes? Just curious. I just want to avoid the terrible sales tax in NYC!
  4. if you are buying your bag from Saks NY they will ship it out of state without tax. Not sure what the policy is at Bloomies since I've never bought anything there. Chanel boutique in NY will ship it tax free if it's going to a state where there is no Chanel store. HTH!
  5. Nordstrom's policy across the board is you do not have to pay tax if it is sent to a store without a Nordstrom location or distribution center.
  6. Does any one know if you can buy from a Chanel boutique while you are in the store and have the item shipped to your house (out of state) tax free?
  7. i think it is tax free in here.....
  8. I didnt know Nordstroms sells Chanel? Do they? Which stores?
  9. Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle, Canoga Park (CA) and Mall of America in MN all have in-store Chanel boutiques. Other Nordstrom locations carry sunglasses only, but nothing else.
  10. Since there are Nordstrom stores in Virginia, you will have to pay the Virginia state tax rate -- not the rate from the sending store. Same thing with NM or Saks.
    Sorry -- I just got a GST from Mall of America and their sales tax is something like 6.5% and in Maryland it is 5%. I was charged the 5%.
  11. On the flip side, the sales tax here in Chandler, AZ is about 7.1%. When I order from Nordstrom in either Seattle or Mall of America I am charged their state tax to save me money.

    So, you can get the lesser of the two if the sending store has a lower sales tax than the state you reside in.