Nordstroms - No Stams for Spring/Summer??

  1. I was talking to one of my SAs over the weekend (who also happens to be Dept Mgr) about the new spring colors. I wanted to know what colors the Stam would be available in. She said they just got the S/S Look Books and that there doesn't appear to be any Stams at all. I asked her if that meant that their store wasn't getting them but perhaps another store would? She said, no that it's the Nordstroms LookBook and it shows all the bags that Nordstroms will carry each season and that apparently, they won't be getting any more Stams in (other than the ones they have now for Resort).

    Has anyone else heard anything like this? Could this be why MJ only shows the Stam in Raspberry on his website? Do we think this might be the last season of the Stam??
  2. I've seen a Mustard Stam at Nordstrom... is that not a new one? I thought that was a new color for Spring. ???
  3. I can't imagine they would discontinue such a popular bag. But if they did, can you even BEGIN to imagine the frenzy that would create!? And what it would do for Stam values!? Wow.
  4. The Stam is definately part of the Spring/Summer collection that MJ is putting out:

    The site shows a quilted one in raspberry. More curious is what IS included in Nordies Look Book if they decided against Stams.
  5. some of these SAs surely are smoking something.. i would be embarassed to not know what i'm doing.... if you sell designer goods shouldn't you know what was a staple product from that brand?? Stams are a NECESSARY component to any MJ product line so Nordstrom is definetely carrying it.....I'm not suprised an SA told you that stams weren't being SA at Nordstrom has told me I know more about MJ products than she does and that's not saying a whole lot, when I think I'm completely ignorant when compared with Thithi and Melly, etc.

    lol my advice is to take whatever SAs say with a grain of salt...I've learned this the hard way, after I lost out on several bags...that's how I got my plum stam..... I wastold there were NO more to be found they had sold out a long time ago, after calling 2 stores I found my bag.
  6. i find it odd that a major department store would stop selling what's probably one of mj's best selling bags. it's hard to believe that the higher-ups are planning on discontinuing the stam, but is it possible that they're being scaled back? will they eventually go the way of the stella? everyone here always raves about how wonderful the stella is. i'm sure it sold well, so what's the reason why they were discontinued? perhaps i should give my mj sa a call and ask if she received her spring lookbook yet.
  7. Can you imagine if they ever discontinued the Stam? EEEK!! I would definitely buy another. I still don't understand the whole Stella issue. It is really bizarre. I have only been able to buy one Stella new at Neiman Marcus. All the others have been E-bay purchases. I am still holding out hope it will be back someday.
  8. ^^^Oh please call your SA Tadpole!! - We'd love to know what the lookbook says!
  9. She didn't say that they weren't carrying the Stam and/or that MJ wasn't making any more Stams - She said that it's not in the Spring/Summer Lookbook that all Nordstroms stores are provided with. These books show them what bags they will be selling for the upcoming season. She said that since it's not in the LookBook, she's led to believe that they won't be getting any more than what they already have (currently, the Resort colors of Yellow, Black and Milk). Those colors will be carried into S/S.

    She said it's possible that they'll get them, but since she has no other info, she doesn't know what colors they might possibly be. The MJ site only shows the Raspberry one - I thought it was strange that it wasn't shown in any other colors. Maybe they're not doing any other colors besides the Raspberry and the ones for Resort.

    Do any of the other Dept Stores get LookBooks? Maybe someone can check with Neimans, Saks and/or Barneys??
  10. Has anyone heard anything more about this? I just read this post in the Sale Sightings Thread:

    Maybe that SA thought this becuz it's not in their Spring/Summer Look Book. I know the MJ site shows it in Raspberry, but I haven't seen/heard of any other colors. Anyone else??
  11. Please don't stone me for saying this, but I wouldn't be surprised if MJ eventually discontinues the Stam in the next few seasons. IMO, the Stam has started to run its course, and MJ did discontinue bags like the Stella and Sofia after a while and move on to different things.
  12. I hope we can find out a definite answer on this. I am going to have to save up some $$$ to fund some new Stams quicker than I thought I would. I love that bag. I wonder if it all stams or just the quilted.
  13. the stam is definitely coming back for spring 08. a mj sa showed me the lookbook of bags they were expecting for a mid-february to mid-march delivery, and the stam is being released in, iirc, five colors: black, grey, cream, raspberry, and fuschia.
  14. very interesting... if Nordstrom was the only store without new Stams this Spring, they will definitely be taking a loss in sales!
  15. Oooo! Gray - I was hoping the Stam would be available in Gray next season - I think I'll put off buying any new bags for a little while so that I can get one when they're available! I hope pics are posted soon. I'd love to see the color. Too bad it won't be available in the Indigo - that would be a gorgeous Stam!