Nordstroms MJ reveal

  1. Congrats and enjoy! That shade of blue with gold is a wonderful combo they complement each other so well.
  2. Lovely!!! So nice colour too! :love:
  3. Very pretty! :smile:
  4. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  5. :biggrin: I too was lucky enough to score one of those blue babies! Gorgeous:graucho: The picture does no justice!
  6. We are triplets! (at least temporarily. I might return mine)
    I love the bags in your avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thank you! I am seriously on Purse Probation...After those two Chanel purchases, the GG twins large hobo black guccissima leater, 2 YSL (medium muse, metallic silver and classic red sporty) and the MJ. It's killin me...Why are you returning the bag?? I felt the same way too, but I am not sure I can part with it. I bought the same one in red last year from Nordstrom and absolutely love it!
  8. We need to talk!!!!! Well, maybe we don't. Those bags in the pic are absolute perfection. Heaven help me if I get fixated on something more expensive than MJ. I did that once and am still paying for it - literally.

    I bet the red one is very pretty! I would love to have this in red. Then I wouldn't be thinking about returning it.
    My only reason is because I have another quilted navy MJ and I'm having trouble justifying both. I have a lot of bags and have a hard time rotating through them as it is. I ordered it over the phone and wasn't sure how close the colors would be, but when I got it and compared, they are pretty darned close.
    MJ Westside2.JPG
  9. I am ABSOLUTELY in love with the red:biggrin: If the color is the same, than I would return it. I was in limbo myself, since I have the red one. I just love how they feel. So, why not...I thought. I bought 6 bags in the last month. I am DONE. Thank you, I love them both. So, I hope Chanel doesn't come up with any good colors until I can catch up. LoL Though, I did see the clutch with a chain that someone put up in red. But, if I can stick with a collection, I can afford it would be GST until it starts hitting the $4k range. So, I'll just stick with that bag for now:lol:
  10. Count me in! I might return mine too but probably not.
  11. Wow! Lots of us tpf girls got in on the action!
  12. Congrats! Can you tell me where your bag and wallet were made in? I just bought a black one and it advertised on Nordstrom website as made in Italy. However, when it got delivered to my house, I found out mine was made in Vietnam.
  13. My bag is made in Italy. I ordered 2 wallets and only 1 has arrived and it was made in Vietnam.
  14. Bag - Italy
    Sorry about the wallet. That would be a no-go for me, the wallet not being made in Italy.
  15. So fabulous!!!!!!!!!!