Nordstroms MJ reveal

  1. Sorry for the crappy iPad picture.. First time posting in the MJ section!

    Received my beautiful MJ karlie and the matching wallet in navy and I'm in love! This is my first MJ!

  2. absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!! and welcome!!!
    i bet they wont be your last mj. ;)
  3. Yay for your first (of hopefully many!) MJ post! Absolutely gorgeous!!!! The gold looks awesome with the navy! Congratulations and enjoy! :heart:
  4. wow that blue is stunning! congrats on your new purchases.
  5. I have to have this bag!
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    I LOVE the bag. The color is stunning...I want one!!!!!!
  7. Me too! I did not see it on Nordstroms web site.......?!:nogood:
  8. oh wow, beautiful! congrats and enjoy!
  9. I saw the navy irl and it's beautiful! Enjoy your new bag and clutch! Welcome to the addicting world of MJ. ;)
  10. Enjoy and congrats!!
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  12. Congrats on your first MJ bag and wallet! They are gorgeous :drool:
    Hopefully there will be more MJ in your collection, enjoy!
  13. Congrat! Lovely color! This wont be your last MJ! ;)
  14. Are you still loving your new things?
    I've stopped in to look at them a few times. Such a pretty navy.
  15. Congrats luv the color.